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This collection of essays celebrates the life and work of Dr. Charles Kevin Stuart. For more than three decades, Kevin Stuart has quietly exerted considerable influence on scholarship on Tibet, China, and Mongolia, demonstrating a particular sensitivity to emic voices, facilitating collaborations between etic-emic viewpoints, but always striving to preserve and privilege the latter. It is possible when reading Kevin's writings, and the contributions gathered here, to 'center the local' by thinking within local horizons of meaning. Introduction by Benedict Copps An Introduction to Amdo Tibetan Love Songs, or La gzhas by Skal bzang nor bu A Bibliographic Note and Table on Mid-19th to Mid-20th Century Western Travelogues and Research Reports on Gansu and Qinghai by Bianca Horrleman The Last Outstanding Mongghul Folksong Singer by Limusishiden Slinking Between Realms: Musk Deer as Prey in Yi Oral Literature by Mark Bender Describing and Transcribing the Phonologies of the Amdo Sprachbund by Juha Janhunen Animals Good for Healing: On Experiences with Folk Healers in Inner Mongolia (China) by Peter Knecht Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity on the Northeast Tibetan Plateau: Sanchuan's Weather Management Rituals in Comparative Context by Gerald Roche Herds on the Move: Transformations in Tibetan Nomadic Pastoral Systems by Daniel Miller 'Zomia': New Constructions of the Southeast Asian Highlands and Their Tibetan Implications by Geoffrey Samuel Witness to Change: A Tibetan Woman Recalls her Life by Nangchukja A Group of Mural Paintings from the 1930s in A mdo Reb gong by Rob Linrothe Kevin Stuart among Mongolian English-learners in Huhhot in the Mid-1980s by Mandula Borjigin, Narisu Narisu, and Chuluu Ujiyediin མདོ་སྨད་ཡུལ་གྱི་བོད་དབྱིན་སློབ་གསོའི་གནས་བབ་གླེང་བ - བུན་ཁྲང་རྒྱལ
Hailed as a "wondrous book" by Gretel Ehrlich, and winner of the Kekoo Naoroji Book Award for Himalayan Literature—a journey of healing that becomes a pilgrimage for the soul. Stephen Alter was raised by American missionary parents in the hill station of Mussoorie, in the foothills of the Himalayas, where he and his wife, Ameeta, now live. Their idyllic existence was brutally interrupted when four armed intruders invaded their house and viciously attacked them, leaving them for dead. The violent assault and the trauma of almost dying left him questioning assumptions he had lived by since childhood. For the first time, he encountered the face of evil and the terror of the unknown. He felt like a foreigner in the land of his birth. This book is his account of a series of treks he took in the high Himalayas following his convalescence—to Bandar Punch (the monkey’s tail), Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India, and Mt. Kailash in Tibet. He set himself this goal to prove that he had healed mentally as well as physically and to re-knit his connection to his homeland. Undertaken out of sorrow, the treks become a moving soul journey, a way to rediscover mountains in his inner landscape. Weaving together observations of the natural world, Himalayan history, folklore and mythology, as well as encounters with other pilgrims along the way, Stephen Alter has given us a moving meditation on the solace of high places, and on the hidden meanings and enduring mystery of mountains.
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