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This resort has the recipe for disaster! Nancy’s thrilled that she, Bess, George, and Hannah will be attending the grand opening of the newly renovated Gourmet Getaway. Not only will they be able to eat four-star meals prepared by master chefs, they’ll get to take cooking classes with them, too. But before the table’s even set, problems start plaguing the resort, both in and out of the kitchen. Nancy can’t believe it’s just bad luck, but who’s causing all the problems? Nancy puts her cooking on the back burner so she can devote her attention to solving the mystery. Can she manage to find out who’s behind the trouble before more sabotage is served?
On a winter vacation in Wisconsin, Nancy and her friends stay in a two-hundred-year-old castle where there is the rumor of a hidden treasure.
A cemetery of dark secrets... and Nancy's in the middle of it! Shady Glen was no different from any other cemetery -- maybe a little spooky, but harmless nonetheless. At least that's what Nancy thought until she stumbled onto a treasure map...and stumbled into a world of trouble. The map leads Nancy into a network of underground passageways, where she uncovers a series of clues to a recent outbreak of robberies and the location of a long-lost fortune in gold. She follows the hidden tunnels into the cold, dark heart of the cemetery and comes face-to-face with the chilling secret of Shady Glen!
When Bess unwraps a candy bar with a $1 million prize ticket inside, she learns that someone has already redeemed the winnings and the company asks Nancy to investigate. Original.
Befriending beautiful, daredevil motorcyclist Lindsey Nichols, Frank and Joe learn that Lindsey's father is planning to put a classic bike back on the market in a high-stakes corporate dispute that soon reaches explosive proportions. Original.

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