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At 14, David Bennett came out to his parents. At 19, he encountered Jesus Christ. At that moment, his life changed forever. As a young gay man, David Bennett saw Christianity as an enemy to freedom for LGBTQI people, and his early experiences with prejudice and homophobia led him to become a gay activist. But when Jesus came into his life in a highly unexpected way, he was led down a path he never would have predicted or imagined. In A War of Loves, David recounts his dramatic story, from his early years exploring new age religions and French existentialism to his university experiences as an activist. Following supernatural encounters with God, he embarked on a journey not only of seeking to reconcile his faith and sexuality but also of discovering the higher call of Jesus Christ. A War of Loves investigates what the Bible teaches about sexuality and demonstrates the profligate, unqualified grace of God for all people. David describes the joy and intimacy he found in following Jesus Christ and how love has taken on a radically new and far richer meaning for him.
A War Of Love - 2nd Edition, builds on the work of “A War Of Love – Poems by William T. Elliott”. It has 302 pages compared to the first edition's 128 pages. The book is a book of poems expressing the reflections on love and life of a Vietnam Era Veteran after the Vietnam War. The poems are easy to read and fall into three categories, pretty poems, humorous poems and spiritual poems. Below is a review of the first 6 sections of the book by the National Review of Books. I hope this will give you some idea of what the book is like. reviewed by Mihir Shah "Some say you need a gun to fight but no you really don’t Instead you need your God above with Him there is your might." In A War of Love, William T. Elliott seeks a therapeutic reprieve from nagging panic attacks, but instead ends up capturing the essence of the human spirit through a series of timeless, evergreen poems revolving around prayer, philosophy, nature, and animals. With no clear structure or rhythm, A War of Love won’t be mistaken for an Edgar Allen Poe or Sylvia Path piece; however, the stream of conscious style that Elliott exudes in his work has a genuine, heartfelt aura that will likely resonate with individuals of all ages. Although the poems are split into six sections, including the compilation’s namesake, Elliott’s observations on animals remain consistent throughout. Four consecutive poems, “THE BEAGLE,” “A CAT,” “THE CHICKADEE,” and “THE DEER,” grace the opening of the collection and establish a romanticization of everyday animals. What makes these poems sparkle is the elimination of age appeal. In “A CAT,” young or old can reminisce fondly on the memorable temperament of a cat that, “gives me not a nod at all,” unless it is feeding time. In “THE HAWK AND THE BLACKBIRD,” like in the poems above, there is unique energy in the author’s writing style and pace that matches the animals’ love of life that Elliott successfully portrays. Perhaps the most intriguing poem, appearing in “Additional Poems,” is “THE BUTTERFLY.” In a matter of five quatrains, the poet injects the reader with childhood nostalgia. The poem itself is emblematic of coming of age: Children are in their own cocoon, and when they become adults, they too, like a butterfly, fly away. Elliott adds a distinctly personal touch to his words by including personal photographs, none more riveting than the picturesque landscapes of Angostura Reservoir and Coldbrook Dam in South Dakota. This ode to nature is in full form in “THE MISSOURI” and “THE SNOWFLAKE,” both poems that use mother nature and imagery of all five senses to reinvigorate the human spirit and help readers remember what it really means to be alive, be it hearing “the waves that wash upon the sand,” or “the feel of flakes past chilly ears.” While Elliott appears to be focused more on evoking a particular emotion from the reader rather than spectacular structure, his poem, “THE SNOWFLAKE,” exhibits an abundance of strong structure, repetition, and simile that allows the readers to conjure the image of snowflakes falling like “cotton tuffs” in the day and “dandruff’s spite” in the night. As the poetry progresses, so does Elliott’s depth of observation. While the poems on animals and nature dwell on what is apparent to the eye, his thought-provoking philosophy poems touch on many of the world’s “elephant in the room” topics that most try to avoid. Poems like “Loneliness,” “Frustration,” and “Hope,” discuss the struggle man faces throughout life’s journey, while “Pipe Dreams” seeks to keep readers grounded and avoid the sometimes inevitable delusions of grandeur that find ways into one’s thoughts. “DEATH OF A THOUGHT,” however, stands on its own and represents the metaphysical element of time, inciting a debate of whether one should wait for the right moment to act or simply seize the moment. Directly or indirectly, A War of Love seeks to infuse the reader with life and love that is ultimately actualized with prayer. Poems like “PRAYER,” and “PEACE” are indicative of the hope that prayer brings, but “WAR OF THE SPIRIT” is not only representative of prayer, but, from a subjective point of view, is central to the compilation and renders spirit and love as synonymous. There are numerous other poems that don’t necessarily fit in a category mentioned above, though that is hardly a knock on their ability to captivate. Both “THE DELICATE KISS” and “HOW TO GET ALONG WITH A WOMAN” share the spirit of intimate love with legendary poems like “When You are Old” by literary behemoth, William Butler Yeats. A War of Love will fall short for those who are looking for precision with meter, pinpoint use of literary devices, and poetic perfection. For poetry aficionados who are looking for an authentic voice and heartfelt poetry that drives home the meaning of being alive, A War of Love is a pleasurable endeavor. RECOMMENDED by the US Review
A Battle Royal? Lyon Buchanan was the man who had just about everything—looks, power, sex appeal, money. Was there a woman in his life, though? And, if not, had he frightened them all away? Silke reckoned that Lyon wouldn't know love if it jumped up and bit him on the nose…but maybe it was just about to. Because Silke was made of strong stuff and would give as good as she got!
This book is about a fiction land-Rendels, where things of magic and myths are true. And there are people who needs power and for that he conspire and kill. The book is full of thrill and mysteries and drama. The story is also a blend of of thrill, romance and suspense.
With plans in motion to drive a deeper wedge between Chynera and Shad, the chances of them taking their relationship to the next level seems slim to none. As if things can't get any worse, a demon from Chynera's past shows up in Miami to settle an old score. As tensions begin to rise in this unexpected duel of hearts, will the players involved finally find real love or will the circumstances that brought them together lead them down the road to destruction?
No matter how hard she tries to stay on the right track, things just seem destined to go from bad to worse for Chynera Jade. On the run to escape a murder charge that she doesn't deserve, she finds a job in Miami as the most featured dancer in one of the hottest clubs in the city.When drama follows her once again, Chynera is forced to have security to keep her safe which leads to her meeting Shadow Kane. Although she tries to keep her interaction with him all business, the more time they spend together, the chemistry between them becomes hard to ignore. But the abuse and heartache that Chynera has suffered in the past has made her bitter and she finds it nearly impossible to even consider loving any man... even someone as irresistible as Shadow. Will she find a way to ignore the warnings in her head and follow her heart once again? When Shadow Kane took on a security job at a strip club owned by the notorious street king, Raphael Giovanni, his only goal was to get close enough to bring Raphael down. But there is one thing that he hadn't counted on... falling for Chynera Jade. Love was never his focus but with every moment they share, he realizes that the only thing he wants to do is mend her broken heart. When he notices that Raphael also has his eyes on Chynera, he's caught up in a fight that he didn't see coming. Will Shadow show Chynera that he's the one for her or will he bow out of the fight, leaving her to be a street king's dream?
The story of the intertwined relationships of three men and a woman—The Wars of Love is written as the memoir of one of the men.

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