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This brand new title addresses the complex issues faced by primary health care practitioners in treating and managing patients with ‘medically unexplained symptoms'. It aims to develop guidelines and principles to help identify patients with medically unexplained symptoms, as they are typically underdiagnosed, and to manage symptoms more effectively with active patient involvement. This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store.
Functional Neurologic Disorders, the latest volume in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, summarizes state-of-the-art research findings and clinical practice on this class of disorders at the interface between neurology and psychiatry. This 51-chapter volume offers an historical introduction, chapters on epidemiology and pathophysiolology, a large section on the clinical features of different type of functional neurologic symptoms and disorders (including functional movement disorders, non-epileptic seizures, dizziness, vision, hearing, speech and cognitive symptoms), and then concluding with approaches to therapy. This group of internationally acclaimed experts in neurology, psychiatry, and neuroscience represent a broad spectrum of areas of expertise, chosen for their ability to write clearly and concisely with an eye toward a clinical audience. This HCN volume sets a new landmark standard for a comprehensive, multi-authored work dealing with functional neurologic disorders (also described as psychogenic, dissociative or conversion disorders). Offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach for the care of patients with functional disorders seen in neurologic practice, leading to more efficient prevention, management, and treatment Provides a synthesis of research efforts incorporating clinical, brain imaging and neurophysiological studies Fills an existing gap between traditional neurology and traditional psychiatry Contents include coverage of history, epidemiology, clinical presentations, and therapy Edited work with chapters authored by leaders in the field, the broadest, most expert coverage available
This book is based on extensive research in assessment and treatment of patients with functional disorders and provides a thorough background to functional disorders as well as the etiology, classification and treatment of the disorders. The book primarily targets clinicians in primary care, non-psychiatric specialties and other health care professionals. The chapters combine research and clinical experience and also provide techniques that can be applied in daily clinical practice, both in terms of identifying the patients as well as helping the patients to better cope with their disorder. The highly structured hands-on treatment programme described in the book is now a compulsory part of the specialist training of Danish primary care physicians and has won the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicines Alan Stoudemire Award for Innovation and Excellence in Psychosomatic Medicine Education.
Medically unexplained symptoms and somatisation are the fifth most common reason for visits to doctors in the USA, and form one of the most expensive diagnostic categories in Europe. The range of disorders involved includes irritable bowel syndrome, chronic widespread pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. This book reviews the current literature, clarifies and disseminates clear information about the size and scope of the problem, and discusses current and future national and international guidelines. It also identifies barriers to progress and makes evidence-based recommendations for the management of medically unexplained symptoms and somatisation. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, this authoritative text defines international best practice and is an important resource for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, primary care doctors and those responsible for establishing health policy.
ABC of Domestic and Sexual Violence is a practical guidefor all health care professionals who are looking after abusedindividuals (whether knowingly or not) and who wish to learn morein order to help their patients. It employs a positive and hands onapproach, emphasising simple history taking skills and clinical‘tips’ and pitfalls to help demystify what is oftenconsidered a sensitive or difficult subject area. This new ABC title covers background and epidemiology, including:international and cultural perspectives, common presentations, howto identify abuse, and guidance on subsequent acute and longer-termmedical and psychosocial interventions. It provides guidance onlegal perspectives including documentation and sources of help andadvice. While focusing mainly on women, it will also cover aspectsrelating to children and men. It also incorporates victimtestimonies and case scenarios throughout. From a multidisciplinary team of contributors ABC of Domesticand Sexual Violence is ideal for all general practitioners,accident and emergency, practice nurses, health visitors, midwives,social workers, and other primary and secondary care health careprofessionals.
This ABC introduces medicine in areas of conflict or naturaldisaster responding to the growing number of regions affected. Chapters deal with subjects such as earthquakes and landslidesas well as nuclear incidents and biological warfare both nationallyand internationally. It covers both logistical planning and medical aid as well aspost-conflict recovery, offering psychological as well as medicaland public health support. It prepares aid workers for a range of roles in all possiblesituations.

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