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This title provides a guide to the diseases, developmental disorders and emotional problems of early childhood. Each chapter contains concise advice on the child health problems most frequently encountered by primary health care workers.
This brand new title addresses the complex issues faced by primary health care practitioners in treating and managing patients with ‘medically unexplained symptoms'. It aims to develop guidelines and principles to help identify patients with medically unexplained symptoms, as they are typically underdiagnosed, and to manage symptoms more effectively with active patient involvement. This title is also available as a mobile App from MedHand Mobile Libraries. Buy it now from iTunes, Google Play or the MedHand Store.
Demographic trends confirm what clinicians already know - they are spending increasing amounts of time dealing with older people. This new ABC provides an introduction to the new and increasing challenges of treating older patients in a variety of settings. ABC of Geriatric Medicine provides an overview of geriatric medicine in practice. Chapters are written by experts, and are based on the specialty geriatric medicine curriculum in the UK. ABC of Geriatric Medicine is a highly illustrated, informative, and practical source of knowledge, with links to further information and resources. It is an essential guide where management of the ageing population is a major health issue - for hospital and family doctors, students, nurses and other members of the multi-disciplinary team.
This book looks at the cultural impact of the ABC Movie of the Week, the first weekly movies series made for television, which began in 1969 and ran for six years. Films that debuted on the program include Brian’s Song, That Certain Summer, The Night Stalker, Trilogy of Terror, Go Ask Alice, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (remade as a 2011 feature film).
Piattini - One bar, one page, one lesson - Cello fingerboard orientation using an étude by Alfredo Piatti Colourstrings® Cello ABC is finally available in digital format! Cello Books A, B, C and D and Piattini are released as electronic publications. Patting: one bar, one page, one lesson. Cello fingerboard orientation using an etude by Alfredo Piatti. Csaba Szilvay tells: ”This edition started when I was looking for a piece for a seven year old student that utilized the whole fingerboard, the Colourstrings® symbols (bird-moon-sun), and the first six positions. This Etude by Piatti met my teaching requirements, but it is traditionally a piece studied by advanced players. My colleagues told me that if I gave my pupil this piece, he would be sure to quit the cello! The result was, however, the exact opposite. It quickly became his favorite piece and after performing it well, in an exam, it gave him the motivation and courage to play other repertoire. When the Etude was broken down and presented to him one bar at a time, the challenge was not at all daunting. Having seen the results of presenting this piece in a simplified way, many colleagues and students became interested in this experiment.” The Colourstrings® method uses a colour for each string and focuses on teaching children rhythm and technique on open strings while gradually introducing them to more complicated methods.
A comprehensive examination of seventy-one forms of occult activity, their effect, and deliverance from them through victory in Christ.
In celebration of what would have been Ezra Pound's 125th birthday comes a new edition of the author's classic book about the meaning of literature, now with a new introduction. Reissue.
The TCP/IP protocol suite is changing dynamically to reflect advances in technology and can be considered to represent the "protocol for the new millenium." The ABCs of TCP/IP reflects these advances and includes new coverage on: Secure Web transactions Practical subnetting examples Security threats and countermeasures IPSec ICMP utilization and threats This comprehensive reference provides professionals with an overview of the TCP/IP suite and details its key components. While many books on the subject focus on the details and minutae of TCP/IP, this book covers applications, methods, concepts, and economics associated with the TCP/IP stack. It illustrates how to leverage investments in TCP/IP and how to economize network operations. The ABCs of TCP/IP examines: the manner by which various protocols and applications operate, addressing issues, security methods, routing, network design constraints, testing methods, troubleshooting, management issues, and emerging applications. It also includes separate chapters focusing on security threats and methods useful for overcoming these threats. About the Author: Gilbert Held is an award-winning author and lecturer. Mr. Held is the author of over 40 books and 400 technical articles covering personal computers and computer communications. Some his recent titles include Building a Wireless Office and The ABCs of IP Addressing, published by Auerbach Publications. Mr. Held can be reached via email at [email protected]
Sherri Ferguson has DONE IT! Never has anyone been clever enough to capture the attention of each age group in one book, in regards to their heritage. My Heritage ABC has been exceptionally and exquisitely put together educating children in their African and African American history, alphabets, reading, colors, numbers, poetry, speeches from great leaders, languages and much , much more. This full color motivational book has managed to capture the beauty of Africa and teach history while children identify with their everyday learning pattern. The dynamic richness it gives in many areas is without question priceless. The showing of historical and todays black leaders joined with small biographies will assure that your child gain knowledge of the wonderful people that came be before them, and see the importance of moving forward with dignity and admiration. Her poetry and words of encouragement to the youth is life changing. This book without a doubt will be a collectors item and may be passed on for generations to come.
Finally! There is a definitive reference guide available for harmonicas in each and every key. This ground breaking series unlocks the musical power of the 10-hole major diatonic harmonica. One key at a time, each is designed to present detailed musical information for beginners, intermediate and advanced players who are either music readers or non-reading players. Learn the notes, intervals, bends, overbends, dyads, chords, arpeggios, modes and scales that are specific to each harmonica key. There is also a special section in each book showing other types of diatonic harmonicas and the variations unique to them like-extreme bending, low-tuned, octave and tremolo-tuned models and more.Have you ever wondered which harmonica is the best one to use when you're ready to play a tune? Have you ever sat with a lap full of harmonicas desperately trying one after another, searching for the key that has all of the right notes? the Complete 10-hole Diatonic Harmonica Series is the definitive music reference guide that resolves those dilemmas and more. the A Harmonica Book is packed with information about chords, arpeggios, modes, positions, scales, bends, overbends and basic music theory unique to the 10-hole A major diatonic harp. Learn how to effectively play blues scales in seven different keys. It's simple. If you have an A harmonica you should own the A Harmonica Book.
Our world is rapidly becoming an Internet-based world, with tens of millions of homes, millions of businesses, and within a short period of time, possibly hundreds of millions of mobile professionals accessing the literal mother of all networks. One of the key problems affecting many Internet users, ranging from individual professionals to networki
With over 450 full colour images, ABC of Dermatology is a practical guide to identification, recognition, treatment and management of common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care, walk-in centres, and the emergency room and within patients admitted to hospital with medical/surgical conditions. Fully updated with new developments and treatments, this sixth edition provides expanded coverage of psoriasis, eczema, inflammatory dermatoses and drug photosensitivity. It also includes improved coverage of the management of onychomycosis, scabies and lice, and hair and scalp, and new content on biological treatments, lymphoedema, community acquired MRSA, pityriasis rosea, immune reconstitution syndrome and antifungal drugs. ABC of Dermatology is the ideal learning partner and resource for GPs, family physicians, junior doctors, medical students and primary care health professionals.
The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter genes are ubiquitous in the genomes of all vertebrates so far studied. The human ABC transporter superfamily contains 48 genes, subdivided into 7 subfamilies ranging from A to G (based on sequence homology of their nucleotide binding domains). The ABC proteins encoded by these genes are ATP-driven transmembrane pumps, some of which possess the capacity to efflux harmful toxic substances and therefore play a key role in xenobiotic defense. ABC proteins have been evolutionarily conserved from bacteria to humans and multiple gene duplication and deletion events in the ABC genes indicate that the process of gene evolution is still ongoing. Polymorphisms and variations in these genes are linked to variations in expression, function, drug disposition, and drug response. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in these genes could be markers of individual risk for adverse drug reactions or susceptibility to complex diseases. The pharmacogenetics of this unique family of transporters is still under study; however, in the context of human health, it is a well-known fact that variations in these transporters are the underlying cause for several human diseases including cystic fibrosis, Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), and X-linked adenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD).
In the future, wars will no longer be fought by men of flesh and blood. Instead, robots march forth into battle, to finish a job left half-done. It is not their war, not their cause, and yet they fight and die for the cause, heroes one and all. Hammerstein: the leader. Joe Pineapples: the ultimate assassin. Blackblood: the traitor. Mongrol: the killer machine. Deadlock: the crazed priest of Khaos. Mek-Quake: the coward. Ro-Jaws: the garbage eater. They are the Mek-Nificent Seven, they are the A.B.C Warriors - atomic, bacterial and chemical war robots, programmed for destruction - and this is their story.
Based on more than a decade of research, The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations is designed for educators, business managers and parents who want a short and lively introduction to Australia's living generations. The book explores what a generation is, how its definition has changed over the years, and the trends that are emerging for the future. It examines generational conflicts in the school, home and workplace, and the ways in which they can be understood and resolved, and what might lie beyond Z. Written by one of Australia's foremost social researchers, this revised edition of The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations reveals the truth behind the labels and is essential reading for anyone interested in how our current generations live, learn and work. About the AuthorMark McCrindle is a social researcher with an international reputation for tracking the emerging trends and analysing the diverse generations. He is the Founder and Director at McCrindle Research (, whose clients include over 100 multinational organisations. His highly valued research and reports have developed his renown as a futurist demographer and social commentator. Series Information: TheABCofXYZ: Understanding the Global Generations is an Australian bestseller. This is the third edition, fully expanded and updated.
"Who stole the soul?" The man behind the console for Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet" amongst countless other records, tells his riveting story about a man, a dream, a jaded industry, and a life spent searching for one thing... Love. Love in life, music, and self. From the innocence of a boy fascinated with the music industry, to the exhilaration of realizing dreams, to the devastation of heartbreak and separation, Seven (Alan Scott Plotkin) shows us his "Musical Life" in and out of the music industry. He is a world-class producer, songwriter, arranger, drummer, guitarist, novelist, a true New Yorker, a jokester, smart-ass, cut-up, and a man who can out talk anyone and out entertain anyone... but mostly, he is a talented human being who has touched the lives of many. This is the side of Seven that few people know...This is "Exile In Rosedale!"
It is the story of an orphan from the Vietnam War who was raised in a Catholic family in Belgium and who received all the best one can dream in life. However, for years, Ama Deus, apparently AfroAmerican Asian, will keep secret the hurt due to rejection, molestation, anger and drugs until revealing some testimonies on the internet after experiencing complete healing. You will discover a unique virtual dialogue between the beautiful and talented singer Pru who once was signed by a Major label and the serious mysterious Ama Deus whose identity is not clear whether it is a man or a woman. On one hand, the book has touching experiences being disclosed step by step and that many internet users have also known. On the other hand, the story brings stunning coincidences and amazing experiences while some talk about miracles. Enjoy the questions of this exciting book and ask them to those around you so you can find out what they really think about love, life, family, homosexuality, addictions, feelings, pleasures, fame and many interesting subjects. Get ready to be surprised by the answers!

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