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For Kip Barrett, a secret commission from her boss's boss's boss, CEO Tamara Sterling, shows that the respect she's earned for her integrity and intelligence as a fraud investigator is justified. All she has to do is what she's done successfully before: Follow the cyber-trail, find the high-tech thief, and document it so that justice prevails. This time, however, the embezzler is one of their own. Sterling Fraud Investigations has an unblemished reputation for ethical conduct and security. Kip must find out who and how, as soon as possible, and no one but Tamara can know what she's doing. As Kip gets closer to discovering the embezzler, her clandestine meetings with Tamara grow more frequent. It doesn't help that her admiration for Sterling's work is compounded by an undeniable physical chemistry. But SFI has an iron-clad no fraternization rule, and Sterling investigators never break the rules. She needs to wrap up her findings before anyone—including her emerging prime suspect Tamara Sterling—realizes Kip is not above temptation. Follow the passion—and the money—from Seattle to Nassau in the latest page-turning story from Lambda Literary award-winning author Karin Kallmaker.
What is morally right and wrong differs from one individual to the next. From the big issues of abortion and sexual expression to the life choices of integrity, these differing opinions exist throughout human culture. Who is right and who is wrong? Is mankind fit to decide what is good and evilor is this decision too great a responsibility for us to handle? As the moral fabric of the individual, the family, the nation, and the world disintegrates, we are faced with the dilemma: Who really decides what is morally right and wrong? In The Knowledge of Good and Evil, Joshua K. Hildebrandt takes us back to the beginning to a man and a woman and a tree in a garden to discover how this question can be answered, and to show us the freedom that can be ours in laying down the right to choose!
Now thoroughly revised, with a new cover and all-new devotions that reflect the concerns couples face today, the bestselling Couples' Devotional Bible is designed to help you build your relationship on the one foundation you can count on: God's Word. Developed in partnership with Christianity Today International's Marriage Partnership magazine staff and contributors, this Bible was created to aid couples, particularly in the first years of marriage, in understanding the biblical foundation for marriage. Topics include: Communication. Work and Career. Sex. Setting Goals. Step Parenting. Money. Fears. Worship. Forgiveness. Each devotion is tailored and relevant, written to apply God's words to issues that are important to couples. Features: * New International Version text * 260 all-new weekday devotions by contributors such as Lauren Winner, Jennifer Schuchmann, Wayne Brouwer, and Carla Barnhill * Connection Time at the end of every weekday devotion promotes application and interaction * 52 weekend devotions include advice from bestselling writers, marriage therapists, and pastors, including Les and Leslie Parrott, Gary Thomas, Bill and Lynne Hybels, and Gary Smalley * Weekend devotions also contain tips, helps, quizzes, activities, and an application tied to couples from the Bible * Index to features, list of contributors, recommended reading ... and more * Double-column format Font size: 8.8pt
Hope has existed since the beginning of time. Hope is an abundant and limitless natural resource. Hope is free and available to all human beings. Hope has no hidden motivations or agendas. Hope's primary focus is to help the human species regardless of their race or their sex. However when you look at the world today you cannot help but ask; where is Hope? The purpose of this book is remind all human beings that Hope is alive and waiting to help. The book is a journey to free the human mind from the unreality of hopeless to the reality of Hope. The line between the unreality of hopeless and the reality of Hope is a very real and a very fine line in the human mind. The book speaks to the human mind regarding the reality of Hope. The world needs Hope now more than ever.

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