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Describes the designs printed, stamped or painted on textiles such as adire, korhogo and mud cloth.
This pictorial survey is arranged visually with a focus on design, particularly color and pattern. The fabric is contemporary, most made of cotton primarily in Africa commercially, and many designs are printed adaptations of traditional African woven textiles. The designs can serve as a reference and inspiration to artists and designers of fabric and fashion. There are complex and abstract patterns, florals, pictorials, animal and figural themes.
A contemporary series of designer sourcebooks exploring the rich kaleidoscope of colour and pattern in world textiles with over 100 specially commissioned colour photographs. To go to any market in West Africa, where the women are swathed in brightly patterned wraps, is to experience an assault on your visual senses. This book, too, is a visual feast, illustrating the richness and diversity of the African textile tradition. Over thirty textiles from The British Museum's renowned collection are explored in detail; magnificent blue and white indigo resist-dyed cloths from West Africa; multi-coloured, tie-dyes and woven North African textiles; 'mud-cloths' from Mali; the unique warp-striped weaves and ikats from Madagascar; 'adrinka' block-print and painted 'calligraphy' cloths from Ghana and the 'adire' cloths from Yorubaland.
This book originally accompanied the first hugely successful exhibition to take a broad look at textile design throughout the various regions of Africa. This book is an exciting survey of some of the most vibrant textiles in the world. It presents examples of the most significant and striking developments in African textile art, and represents all regions and forms of design.
This book provides an introduction to the creative skills, knowledge and processes required in order to produce a professional, creative and commercially aware portfolio of printed textiles.
Complemented by more than five hundred full-color illustrations and photographs, this beautifully illustrated study provides an authoritative survey of African textile arts--rugs, tapestries, garments, and other weavings--from across the continent, exploring the traditional hand-crafted textiles of each region of Africa, the textile history and traditions within geographic areas, and techniques, patterns, materials, and dyes.

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