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The story of Ali Baba, a young Persian boy who discovers a cave filled with gold and jewels, the hidden treasures of forty deadly thieves. Unfortunately, his greedy brother, Kassim, cannot wait to get his hands on the riches. Returning to the cave, he is captured by the thieves and killed, and now the evil men want revenge on Ali Baba as well.
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
In a town in Persia, there lived two brothers, one named Cassim, the other Ali Baba. Their father left them scarcely anything; but as he had divided his little property equally between them, it would seem that their fortune ought to have been equal; but chance determined otherwise. Cassim married a wife, who soon after became heiress to a large sum, and to a warehouse full of rich goods; so that he all at once became one of the richest and most considerable merchants, and lived at his ease. Ali Baba, on the other hand, who had married a woman as poor as himself, lived in a very wretched habitation, and had no other means to maintain his wife and children but his daily labour of cutting wood, and bringing it to town to sell, upon three asses, which were his whole substance.
Ali Baba put down his axe and wondered if the magic words really would have any effect on the massive stone door blocking the entrance to the cave. He stood up tall, and in his loudest and most commanding voice shouted 'Open sesame!' Ali's life changes completely when he discovers the secret hiding place for the treasure of a band of forty thieves. It's sealed deep in the cave, but now he knows where it is and how to get at it. It's a dream come true! Or is it? Soon he has a nosy brother and forty thieves to deal with, and the leader of the thieves is after his blood. Things are about to get messy. Ali Baba is a clever young man, but will he get the better of his devious adversaries and their cunning magic?Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64-page book, making classic stories, dramas and histories available to intelligent young readers as a bridge to the full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to adult readers who are unlikely ever to read the original versions."

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