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"Open up this book for more than eight feet of fun with a fold-out, lift-the-flap alphabet story."--Back cover.
The idea behind Chu Chu & Shamone’s to basically outline the concept of two young School Children and their exploration of exciting adventures, at the stories take place and begins at the end of each day after School, as of when Chu Chu & Shamone are given assignments to do, and where their magical worlds and fun begins, whereby the two main characters meet with someone who assist them in their journey through these imaginative places of exploration. At some point Chu Chu & Shamone forget themselves and are almost lost in these other worlds, and so realise that maybe they have wondered too far and soon begin to feel that they have to somehow get back home to their own reality and have to find a way of how this can be achieved, once Chu Chu & Shamone have explored every possibility they eventually find the answer that will lead to them both getting back home. The format behind Chu Chu & Shamone’s adventures is to present four stories that should encourage and contain the events of the story as it unfolds, as well as engaging a young audience with a basic lesson of discovery within a adult and child learning context and structure, as this can be achieved by simple reading the story to stimulate and satisfy a Childs curiosity and imagination by using the interesting backdrops of the narrative which motivate the story, allowing the adult and child to engage or as the story and the plot unfolds, the characters of both Chu Chu & Shamone are derived from two separate ethnic cultures and so their background and relationship is to be one of special interest and should also be both informative and educational. Chu Chu are characterised, animated, or drawn and as a young modern day Chinese Boy and Shamone should is characterised, or animated and drawn as a young modern African girl, as it is also the idea that they are both still at a Primary School level of education, and so this should place both characters at around the School age of Ten Years or younger, although other characters are written and structured in the series, this should more or less be done with the idea that they empower or put emphasis on the two main characters, which are ‘Chu Chu & Shamone’.
Alpha-Beth and Alpha-Betty books are traditional A-B-C books with different themes. This one is a series of 26 dinosaurs from A-Z.
The story of a young woman, Meredith Saunders, a red-haired, bossy, wise brooder and a number of other assorted inhabitants of the alphabet streets of a New York suburb
Goodbye stuck, Hello Life Transformation! I now accept and acknowledge myself for who I am, only seeking validation from my Heavenly Father. I know whose child I am and He IS the only master of my fate. Today, I commit to stand up and fight for My Life, to Rise and Shine, while encouraging others to do likewise. Anna Waddell P.S. May these words Inspire you to look at your own life, and Motivate you to seek the path to your own True Destiny.
There is plenty of creativity within the international graffiti and street art scene. Writing text messages in public spaces has been a unique art form and a means of communication between humans for thousands of years. Many street artists work only with text, written messages or poems, and not necessarily only with colourful murals, styles, tags and logos. Street Messages is the first publication that delivers a deep insight into this literary form of expression in the world of global street art. We are confronted with a vast amount of written information in the form of advertising and street or shop signs every single day of our lives. Reading and decoding this information has become a daily routine. Apart from the texts that are trying to sell us something or direct us somewhere, the streets are full of artistic and poetic forms of expression – messages written by graffiti and street artists. Street Messages offers a historic background to written messages in public spaces and introduces more than 80 artists from across the world who work exclusively or partly with text. The vast body of information and numerous exclusive quotes and words of wisdom makes Street Messages the first book to shed some light on this as yet undocumented form of street art culture. Features artwork by Banksy, Dolk, Ben Eine, Faith 47, Flint..., Kid Acne, Know Hope, Mobstr, Skki and many others.

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