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Have you had enough? Young women today are constantly told they are not enough for this world—not pretty enough, not smart enough, not exciting enough, not spiritual enough, and just plain not good enough. The barrage is constant. The consequences are real. The damage often feels permanent. As a young woman herself, Grace Valentine has felt the pressure of trying to survive in a toxic culture, let alone thrive. But she’s had enough. With an engaging combination of honesty and humor, Grace uses her story to confront the lies the world tells us every day—lies such as: You are beautiful because a guy told you so, Love must be earned, You should forget your past, You will never be enough, and more. Am I Enough? is a line in the sand. It’s a declaration that we will never be enough for this world because we were not created for this world. Instead, Grace reminds us that we were created by Someone better for something better. We can choose the One who has chosen us—the One who says: “You are enough for Me, My child. Come as you are.”
God has given each of us unique talents, skills, and abilities. He has given each of us important strengths that He wants us to use for His glory. But for some reason, we often have trouble embracing that truth! We tend to underestimate our strengths and buy into the lie that our talents aren’t good enough or that our skills are not needed. In Building Your Strengths, you will examine what God says about your unique gifts and how He has given you those abilities to shine for Him. You will take an honest look at your past and consider those events—and even those trials—that have made you a stronger person. You will also see how you can build on the strengths God has given you to better minister to others and grow in your faith in the process! The Women of Faith® Bible Studies provide intriguing insights into topics that are relevant to women’s lives today. Each guide includes twelve weeks of study, down-to-earth illustrations, and reflections to help you move the truth from your head to your heart. A leader’s guide for use with small groups is also included.
If you’re looking for a genuine and practical way to Beat Your Depression For Good you have just found it. No matter how low you are feeling or have felt, take heart. You really do have the power to become a centred and happy person. Beat Your Depression For Good shows you how, culminating in a cut-out action plan to make positive change a reality. Experienced therapist Demi Schneider combines a metaphysical influence with well-researched, modern psychotherapy and her knowledge of neuroscience to give the way out of depression for good. Discover her proven way to live well, to handle challenges with confidence and experience lasting happiness and joy. With both support and encouragement you are guided through the simple yet profoundly powerful exercises. Clear out your “Rats” (negatives) and live authentically in the phenomenal “Palace” part of your brain, which is there waiting for you right now. Best of all, learn how to come home to your real self to feel good every day just because you’re alive. You can begin this journey now and never know depression again.
Summary Rachel Miller moved to Bitter Root for a relaxing life. She found anything but relaxing. She meets Ian McCord an alpha werewolf who has a pack right in Rachels back yard. Its through her relationship with Ian that she becomes aware of her dormant inner wolf. They awaken this creature by accident. Rachel finds theres no undoing what she and Ian did to awaken the wolf. As it turns out her wolf become her savior, without the strength and stamina of the wolf she and her young would have perished. Rachel learns to love, trust, and embrace her wolf.
The Worst Part of Me deals with a young minister striving to better himself, make his mother proud, and most of all, please God. However, Martez Santana realizes that sometimes moving on with your future can also bring lingering elements from the past. As Martez tries to live an upright life serving a Baptist church in South Carolina, he is beset by sexual urges. He meets a young lady he's attracted to and eventually gives in to his desires. Then he discovers the love of his life and decides to marry her. But in a twist of fate, his past lover shows up on the scene. Martez tries to balance his relationships as well as live up to the title he has just received at church for being an honorable man. Can Martez retain his honor, be happy, and still live as a man of God? This insightful novel shows the trials that young Christians must face as well as the recognition that God can forgive, no matter how bad we think we have messed up. Author Bio: Marion Brown III lives in South Carolina. Being able to touch someone's life with a character that many of them can relate to is my biggest motivation. Publisher's website: http: //
Ever wish for something to challenge your thinking? How about a fresh application of looking at something? Well, The Daily Thought Shaker ® could be just what the doctor ordered. It is a collection of devotions that adhere to the truth of God’s Word with new twists at just about every turn. Whether you like to start out your day with a new thought about how God wants you to live, or if you prefer to end your day thinking about God, The Daily Thought Shaker® can help. Just flip through the pages and take a random sample of the titles: “Batteries Not Included” (April 29–30), “Hypothetical Grace” (June 26), “Are You Done Yet?” (March 17–18), “Are You Living by Faith or by Credit?” (May 22), “Who in Hell Knows Your Name?” (October 29), and “Customized Christianity” (July 15), just to name a few. The Daily Thought Shaker® will challenge your thinking in the application of Biblical truth in your daily life.
Author of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway From the multi-million bestselling author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway comes a powerful and healing book designed to offer a safety net in a world of never-ending change. It may be one of the most comforting and life-affirming books you will ever read. With her invaluable insights and exercises, Susan Jeffers gives you the tools you need to deal with all the uncertainty in your life with a sense of peace and possibility. You will learn: - Forty-two exercises to help make your life an exciting adventure instead of a continuous worry - How to lighten up and put problems into a life-affirming perspective - The amazing power of the word "maybe" - And much more. You will discover that there is a wondrous, joyous, and abundant life that can exist in the presence of uncertainty. The question is, "What do you need to do to reach this wonderful state?" And the answers abound in Embracing Uncertainty..

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