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This online book contains 6382 mix words, phrases, expressions, and sentences. If you are mastering the first 75 pages of this book, you can get through any situation during your trip abroad. If you are mastering 150 pages or more of this book while listening to the audio, you can live and work in that country without any problems! I can show you the best way to learn languages! The next step is yours! Study hard and you will learn your languages. Kei roto i tenei pukapuka ipurangi 6382 nga kupu pai, nga kupu, nga korero, me nga rerenga korero. Mena kei te whakahaere koe i nga rarangi tuatahi e 75 o tenei pukapuka, ka taea e koe te whakahaere i tetahi ahuatanga i a koe i te haerenga ki waho. Mena kei te whakarahi koe i nga pukapuka 150 neke atu ranei o tenei pukapuka i te wa e whakarongo ana koe ki te ororongo, ka taea e koe te noho me te mahi i taua whenua kaore he raru! Ka taea e ahau te whakaatu ki a koe te huarahi pai ki te ako i nga reo! Ko te mahi kei a koe! Me ako pakeke, ka ako koe i nga reo.
This publication contains King James Bible (1611, Pure Cambridge, Authorized Version) and Maori Bible (1857) translation. It has 173,772 references. It contains 2 different formats of the Bible. It includes King James Bible and Maori Bible formatted in a read and navigation friendly format, or the Navi-format for short. Here you will find each verse printed in the kjb-mao order. It also includes the King James Bible and Maori Bible, tailored Text-To-Speech (tts) software technology. How the general Bible-navigation works: A Testament has an index of its books. The TTS format lists books and chapters after the book index. The Testaments reference each other in the book index. Each book has a reference to The Testament it belongs to. Each book has a reference to the previous and or next book. Each book has an index of its chapters. Each chapter has a reference to the book it belongs to. Each chapter reference the previous and or next chapter. Each chapter has an index of its verses. Each chapter in TTS reference same chapter in the Navi-format. Each verse is numbered and reference the chapter it belongs to. Each verse starts on a new line for better readability. In the TTS format the verse numbers are not shown. Any reference in an index brings you to the location. The Built-in table of contents reference all books in all formats. The combination of King James Bible and Maori Bible and its navigation makes this ebook unique. The navigation is solid and perfect for the quick lookup. Whether you are listening to a speech and need to keep up with the Bible references or just read the Bible, this is built for both. Note that Text-To-Speech (TTS) support varies from device to device. Some devices do not support it. Others support only one language and some support many languages. The language used for TTS in this ebook is English.
"Conversational sentences and vocabulary in English and Māori"--BIM.

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