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The aliens hovered in orbit around the Earth, silent and uncommunicative, until the world governments decided to do something. When their ships had been reduced to one, they struck, throwing the planet into the Dark Ages by wiping out power, communication, commerce, and in the wake of destruction, morality. That morning, John was a construction worker on his way to a job. By evening, he was racing back across the state to make sure his family was all right, and rescuing innocent people from men who cast aside their consciences with their cell phones. His companion in his journey was Amber, a college student trying to get home on a scooter, the perfect target for the animals now roaming the highways. Together, they learned to survive in a dog-eat-dog world, finding pockets of humanity where people still believed in God and held out their hands to help.
n Amber's Summer, a young teen girl had hoped to escape her divorcing parents by spending the summer of 08 at her best friends Angel's beach house, but instead struggles through a greater tragedy and is both betrayed and helped by two boys. In M. the V. or Mortimer the Vampire, popular and pretty Lizzy's life and dreams are interupted when mysterious forign exchange students from England show up at her high school, thrusting her in the midst of a centuries old drama involving a vampire, dragon, and fairy.
More Than Words Bestselling authors & Real-life heroines Each and every one of us has the ability to effect change—to make our world a better place. The key is to begin in our own backyards, look at needs within our communities and then decide to do something about them. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed lives, one good deed at a time. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines. In this book, Meryl Sawyer honors the work of Gracie Cavnar, founder of the Recipe for Success Foundation. We hope More Than Words inspires you to get in touch with the real-life heroine living inside of you.
A surprise gift from her late husband will give a young widow the chance to do the hardest thing in the world . . . move on. On their honeymoon, the new Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Shaw made a pact: No matter the sacrifices along the way, one day they would return to Sunset Beach, North Carolina—this time to buy their own home. But that dream was not to be. Seven years into a beautiful marriage, Emily is left a widow, heartbroken, and way past caring about anything. Until a man approaches her, claiming to have something left to her from Ryan. Something secret. Unsure if she can ever embrace a new life without her husband, but even less sure about continuing to stay where she is, Emily heads to the coast to keep her end of the promise she once made. Without delay, she becomes immersed in the lives of the locals, including the reclusive bridge tender with an unexpected past. As the community debates over building a new bridge, Emily must decide whether she will build a bridge of her own, one that will take her out of a painful past and into the new life—and new love—that her lost love made possible.
Synopsis American Wars: Good, Bad, and Ugly This work contains an unusual view of American wars that may stimulate new thoughts of the price we have paid and the gains we have made in the folly of our wars. Disagreements are bound to arise, but no one will walk away from this book having been bored by another of those dull books on history. Promises should be made to be kept. I promise you that you will gain a different insight into our wars: the good, bad, and ugly.

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