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From the colonial town green to the televised town hall, Americans have shaped their destiny through their public life and the communities in which they continue to live and work towards America's Promise. In this text, authors William J. Rorabaugh, Donald T. Critchlow, and Paula Baker effectively blend political, social and cultural history to present a balanced portrait of America's past. Designed to emphasize major themes and events, the work also captures the rich and often amusing character of the American people. Extensively revised and expanded from America: A Concise History (Rorabaugh and Critchlow), America's Promise is a succinct, highly readable introduction to American history.
Noted scholar and activist Don Eberly details the history, achievements, and goals of the civil society movement. He demonstrates why civil society is crucial to the preservation of democratic values and institutions, and he explains why the concern over America's moral decay must be our major priority. Our society, argues Eberly, cannot thrive, and perhaps cannot survive, without strong social institutions, a vibrant moral order, and an active, intellectual grass roots dimension.
In The Struggle for America’s Promise, Claire Goldstene seeks to untangle one of the enduring ideals in American history, that of economic opportunity. She explores the varied discourses about its meaning during the upheavals and corporate consolidations of the Gilded Age. Some proponents of equal opportunity seek to promote upward financial mobility by permitting more people to participate in the economic sphere thereby rewarding merit over inherited wealth. Others use opportunity as a mechanism to maintain economic inequality. This tension, embedded with the idea of equal opportunity itself and continually reaffirmed by immigrant populations, animated social dissent among urban workers while simultaneously serving efforts by business elites to counter such dissent. Goldstene uses a biographical approach to focus on key figures along a spectrum of political belief as they struggled to reconcile the inherent contradictions of equal opportunity. She considers the efforts of Booker T. Washington in a post–Civil War South to ground opportunity in landownership as an attempt to confront the intersection of race and class. She also explores the determination of the Knights of Labor to define opportunity in terms of controlling one’s own labor. She looks at the attempts by Samuel Gompers through the American Federation of Labor as well as by business elites through the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Civic Federation to shift the focus of opportunity to leisure and consumption. The Struggle for America’s Promise also includes such radical figures as Edward Bellamy and Emma Goldman, who were more willing to step beyond the boundaries of the discourse about opportunity and question economic competition itself.
"There are the years that come along once in a generation," writes President Barack Obama in his introductory message to his 2009 budget for the United States of America, "when we look at where the country has been and recognize that we need a break from a troubled past, that the problems we face demand that we begin charting a new path." This governmental report is Obama's comprehensive plan for moving past the "legacy of misplaced priorities" he inherited from the Bush administration in order to jumpstart the U.S. economy and invest for the nation's future. From the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Veteran Affairs, from the literally down-to-earth business of the EPA to the spacebound mission of NASA, here Obama lays out his concrete, pragmatic strategy to move American schools into the 21st century, improve health care while reducing it costs, repair crumbling infrastructure, and rebuild the American economy. Any American who wants to be informed about the most fundamental operations of the nation will want to study this important report. The United States OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET is a Cabinet-level office established in 1921 for the White House oversight of federal agencies. The OMB is currently headed by American economist PETER RICHARD ORSZAG (b. 1968).
When Rosa and her little brother Benji move to a new neighborhood, they meet Mrs. Mayberry, who has created a clubhouse in her basement so the neighborhood children have a safe place to play. Includes factual information about America's Promise--The Alliance for Youth.
An African-American lawyer who broke several barriers during his career details his influential life--including his work on the Warren Commission, his contribution to the Brown v. Board of Education case, his tenure as secretary of transportation under President Gerald Ford and more--in a book with an introduction by a U.S. Supreme Court justice.

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