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Explores the political ambitions of the Christian right, discussing how their agenda gained momentum through alternative networks, schools, and publishers, and warns that another national crisis may enable the Christian right to seize political power.
The must-read summary of Chris Hedges's book: "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America". This complete summary of "American Fascists" by Chris Hedges, a renowned American journalist, activist and minister presents his argument that the Christian Right movement has strong parallels to early European fascist movements and his belief that this movement will be intensified if there is another American crisis. He describes how the movement poses a very real threat to Americans' freedom and how it is fueled by nationalism and a violent rejection of open society. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Gain deeper understanding of the American Christian Right movement • Expand your knowledge of American politics and nationalism To learn more, read "American Fascists" and discover Hedges's views on far-right Christian nationalism in America and its potential consequences.
Social movement theory identifies factors that can predict the success or failure of social movements; however, they have left out the influence of corporate elites. American Fascism and the New Deal makes a strong case for factoring in the strength of relevant corporate elite power in the prediction of social movements.
390 pages; non-fiction. Author looks at how what people think dictates how they are governed. Our Christian ancestors thought like self-governing citizens and governed themselves. Since the 1960s, however, Americans have thought less like their ancestors than like Europeans and been governed as such; governed, in other words, as if bureaucrats viewed them as objects of political domination.The relevant historical period is late eighteenth century European and American history to the present. Readers will discover how America was Europeanized post-1960 after one of the most war-torn regions of the world and how Darwin, Freud and Marx caused World War II.
The official magazine of Paleo-Fascism in America. Old solutions for modern problems - it's killed or be killed! Learn how to survive in a world full of meeks and eunuchs without getting infected by their toxic ideologies. Inquisition of the weak exposed, war and future - present and past!This booklet is the most honest source of information, ideas and recommendations published on this earth in a thousand years - take that for granted. Wake up, America, this is the beginning of the end - twilight of the gods is here and you have to be ready to fight for survival at any cost. The natural law still is tooth and claw, and all else is error.If you don't buy this book you're probably a faggot.
Investigates the political and personal make-up of a politician whose allegiances have shifted over the years from the far left to the extreme right and explores LaRouche's cult following and his vision for the nation's future

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