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Using tribal tales from across the country as inspiration, the authors provide practical information about seed preservation, planting and maintaining the garden, reaping and cooking the harvest.
A complete guide to gardening that includes information on the following topics: creating and maintaining a garden; annuals and perennials; trees and shrubs; bulbs, corms and tubers; lawns, ground covers and ornamental grasses; vegetables and herbs; fruit trees and nut trees; indoor plants; cacti and succulents; orchids; ferns, palms and cycads; climbers and creepers; seasonal calendars; and cultivation guidelines.
Undeservedly out of print for decades, American Plants for American Gardens was one of the first popular books to promote the use of plant ecology and native plants in gardening and landscaping. Emphasizing the strong links between ecology and aesthetics, nature and design, the book demonstrates the basic, practical application of ecological principles to the selection of plant groups or "associations" that are inherently suited to a particular climate, soil, topography, and lighting. Specifically, American Plants for American Gardens focuses on the vegetation concentrated in the northeastern United States, but which extends from the Atlantic Ocean west to the Alleghenies and south to Georgia. The plant community settings featured include the open field, hillside, wood and grove, streamside, ravine, pond, bog, and seaside. Plant lists and accompanying texts provide valuable information for the design and management of a wide range of project types: residential properties, school grounds, corporate office sites, roadways, and parks. In his introduction, Darrel G. Morrison locates American Plants for American Gardens among a handful of influential early books advocating the protection and use of native plants--a major area of interest today among serious gardeners, landscape architects, nursery managers, and students of ecology, botany, and landscape design. Included is an appendix of plant name changes that have occurred since the book's original publication in 1929. Ahead of their time in many ways, Edith A. Roberts and Elsa Rehmann can now speak to new generations of ecologically conscious Americans.
Solar Gardening shows how to increase efforts of the sun during the coldest months of the year and how to protect tender plants from the intensity of the scorching sun during the hottest months through the use of solar "mini-greenhouses." The book includes instructions for building a variety of solar appliances plus descriptions of more than 90 different crops, with charts showing when to plant and harvest each. The result is a year-round harvest even from a small garden. In Solar Gardening the Poissons show you how to: Dramatically increase the annual square-foot yield of your garden. Extend the growing and harvest season for nearly every kind of vegetable. Select crops that will thrive in the coldest and hottest months of the year, without artificial heating or cooling systems. Build solar appliances for your own garden. Armed with nothing but this book and a few simple tools, even novice gardeners can quickly learn to extend their growing season and increase their yields, without increasing the size of their garden plot.
Looks at gardening styles throughout the United States, and tells how gardening was influenced by colonial needs of the past, to the present
Gardening іѕ the рrасtісе of grоwіng and сultіvаtіng рlаntѕ as раrt of hоrtісulturе. In gаrdеnѕ, оrnаmеntаl рlаntѕ аrе оftеn grown fоr thеіr flоwеrѕ, foliage, or оvеrаll appearance; uѕеful рlаntѕ, such аѕ rооt vеgеtаblеѕ, lеаf vеgеtаblеѕ, fruіtѕ, and hеrbѕ, аrе grоwn for consumption, fоr uѕе as dyes, оr fоr mеdісіnаl оr cosmetic uѕе. Gаrdеnіng іѕ соnѕіdеrеd bу mаnу реорlе tо bе a rеlаxіng асtіvіtу. Thеrе аrе аlѕо many ѕtudіеѕ аbоut the роѕіtіvе еffесtѕ оn mеntаl and physical hеаlth іn rеlаtіоn tо gаrdеnіng. Gаrdеnіng rаngеѕ іn ѕсаlе frоm fruit оrсhаrdѕ, to lоng bоulеvаrd plantings with оnе оr more different tуреѕ оf ѕhrubѕ, trееѕ, аnd herbaceous рlаntѕ, to residential back gardens іnсludіng lаwnѕ аnd fоundаtіоn plantings, аnd to соntаіnеr gаrdеnѕ grоwn inside оr оutѕіdе. Gаrdеnіng may bе very specialized, wіth only оnе tуре оf рlаnt grоwn, or іnvоlvе a vаrіеtу оf plants іn mixed рlаntіngѕ. It іnvоlvеѕ аn асtіvе participation in thе grоwіng оf рlаntѕ, and tеndѕ to bе lаbоr-іntеnѕіvе, whісh dіffеrеntіаtеѕ іt from farming оr fоrеѕtrу.
This is a new release of the original 1951 edition.
Describes the characteristics and care requirements of hundreds of popular flowers, and tells how to evaluate garden sites, create planting schemes, and follow environmentally sound gardening practices

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