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Three Latin American writers quote, dissect and review this character in a cultural critique that combines analysis with humor and a relentless self-criticism.
Ronald Woodruff is in his early twenties when a pre-approved credit card takes him by surprise. Everyone loves free money and that is exactly what Ronald thinks of his new credit card, Free Money. Things that seemed lovable but unaffordable suddenly seemed to fall on his lap. The first time Ronald calls up Blue Bank, an Indian voice greets him. He is surprised but couldn't care less. A late fee introduces itself to Ronald through his phone call. Ronald had no idea that such a thing existed. He thought he could pay when it suited him. That was the moment of baptism. Baptism why? Because, a late fee is only the beginning of a million disasters to come in the form of increased rate of interest, bad credit rating and ultimately no further credit approval. Ronald knew none of this. The functioning of the credit card industry, something that an average American deals with day in and day out, should seem exciting but not when they receive the answers they do over the phone. What is the real meaning behind scripted words, "May I place your call on hold?" Read if you will, 'Pandora's Box, ' will open up to enlighten, educate and disgust you. It's an absolute true story with fictitious characters. You'll keep guessing the bank involved here...
The author's true life memoirs of over 30 years in various federal prisons. He spent the last 7 years with Bernie Madoff and Jonathon Pollard in a small medical facility. Monkey House has been compared to One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest, and Orange is the New Black, if those shows had been about the most famous criminals in America today. And to top it off--it is all true life--nothing is made up, although you might have a hard time believing it because it is so wild.
"Sunday school and LSD? Godzilla and Mothra? Porno during prayer? The Christian flag? (reflections of) an American Idiot serves up a humorous and wildly provoking glimpse into one man's Christian journey expressed in a series of short essays. Through the author's life experience, brace yourself for a ride through his thoughts ranging from his mis-education to Christian service at New York City's first residence for people with AIDS. You may find yourself re-thinking your own journey along the way.--Publisher.
The Green Day story is very blunt: three school friends grow up together in a cluster of small blue-collar Californian towns, form a band ... and sell more than fifty million albums. Except it wasn't that simple. Self-confessed latch-key children, theirs is far from an easy ride. Inspired by both the energy of British punk bands like the Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks and cult American bands such as Dead Kennedys and Operation Ivy, Green Day formed in 1989 when all three members were still at school. Against a backdrop of dodgy glam rock revivalists and mainstream rock-pop, the trio were quickly selling out every underground club that booked them. They toured - constantly. Word spread, fast.Their 1994 major label debut Dookie was a 10-million-selling worldwide smash hit that seized the zeitgest at a time when American rock music was still reeling from the death of Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain. With the arrival of Green Day, suddenly music was dumb, fun, upbeat and colourful again. Many now credit Green Day with saving rock from the hands of a hundred grunge-lite bands. Punk was back on the agenda.In 2004 Green Day reached a career pinnacle with the concept album American Idiot, a sophisticated commentary on modern life - not least dissatisfaction with their president and America's continued cultural and economical imperialism. With American Idiot, Green Day boldly went where few others have dared and as such have extended their fanbase even further - from pre-teen kids to previously sceptical critics. This book is the world's first full biography on Green Day. An authority on punk and hardcore, author Ben Myers charts the band members' difficult childhoods, the context of the band within the US and world punk scene and their glittering rise to success. The author has also interviewed the band for various magazines at different stages of their career, including in the midst of a riot in Los Angeles during the making of 2000's Warning album.Green Day is the biggest punk band in the world.This is how it happened...Unofficial and unauthorised
From Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls" to Nina in "In the Heights" and Elphaba in "Wicked," female characters in Broadway musicals have belted and crooned their way into the American psyche. In this lively book, Stacy Wolf illuminates the women of American musical theatre - performers, creators, and characters -- from the start of the cold war to the present day, creating a new, feminist history of the genre. Moving from decade to decade, Wolf first highlights the assumptions that circulated about gender and sexuality at the time. She then looks at the leading musicals to stress the key aspects of the plays as they relate to women, and often finds overlooked moments of empowerment for female audience members. The musicals discussed here are among the most beloved in the canon--"West Side Story," "Cabaret," "A Chorus Line," "Phantom of the Opera," and many others--with special emphasis on the blockbuster "Wicked." Along the way, Wolf demonstrates how the musical since the mid-1940s has actually been dominated by women--women onstage, women in the wings, and women offstage as spectators and fans.
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