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When faced with the choice, will Nicole desert those who love her, or will she stay loyal through the flames? Nicole and her friends have recently learned that they are much farther behind the evil Keitus than they originally thought. He has nearly reached his goal, and out of desperation, Nicole is forced to study with and learn from an enemy. One she finds herself attracted to, one without scruples, one who doesn't care about the increasing conflict with Keitus. Sanso is willing to break every rule to convince Nicole to abandon her responsibilities, and she is seriously tempted. Will Austin's love for her be enough, or will the rising stress and pressure be too much? Download Mosaic Chronicles Books 8-10 now to find out!
The Secrets of the Amulet tells the story of the eleven year old Fredy Jonquil. As a small town girl, fitting in with the 'in crowd' was the most difficult task she could imagine. Until she is taken in the middle of the night away from her home to the magical world. Fredy is given an all powerful and mysterious amulet and entered a secret society deep in an enchanted forest. Soon Fredy's life is in danger and she has to face a new reality that the future of her people, the Seers, lies in her hands. A mystery - fantasy novel that brings the magical world around us alive.
In this volume, the authors assemble a group of Jewish incantation texts which were copied in the Middle Ages and preserved in the Cairo Genizah. Most of these texts, now in Cambridge University Library, are published here for the first time. All the texts are translated and provided with detailed philological and historical commentary, tracing the praxis and beliefs of the Jewish magical tradition of Late Antiquity. Their relation to Jewish legal and mystical teachings is also explored.
This early work by the British archaeologist, Flinders Petrie, was originally published in 1914 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Amulets' is a scholarly work on the varieties of amulets found on archaeological digs. William Matthew Flinders Petrie was born on 3rd July 1853 in Kent, England, son of Wlilliam Petrie and Ann née Flinders. He showed an early interest in the field of archaeology and by his teenage years was surveying local Roman monuments near his family home. Flinders Petrie continued to have many successes in Egypt and Palestine throughout his career, most notably, his discovery of the Mernepte stele, a stone tablet depicting scenes from ancient times. His excellent methodology and plethora of finds earned him a Knighthood for his services to archaeology in 1923.
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