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Create intricate, decorated letters, and then enhance them with brilliant gliding and rich hues. The Illuminated Alphabet puts a marvelous variety of alphabets and embellishments at your disposal! Whether you’re looking for simple or the elaborate examples, you will find enormous elegance and beauty in your illuminated lettering. From interlacing spirals of Irish script to the spiraling tendrils of the Gothic style, you’ll re-create beautiful alphabets that have been admired throughout history. Pore through the history of illuminated letters, at the artists who created them, as well as the patrons who commissioned them. Each alphabet includes diagrams for upper and lower-case letters, ideas for borders and decorations, a materials list, instructions for gliding, and a fabulous gallery of historical and modern examples. Combine the best of traditional works and new masterpieces with this indispensable guide to the art of illumination. The Illuminated Alphabet shows the budding calligraphy artist how to create beautiful medieval lettering that would make the monks jealous.
The Bodleian Library is home to some of the finest examples of illuminated letters. Now, withAn Illuminated Alphabet, readers young and old can enjoy a wide selection of these extraordinary letters in twenty-six pull-out postcardsone for each letter of the alphabet. Each postcard features one illuminated letter from a book or manuscript in the Bodleian Library's collection. From large gold-leaf initials in medieval and Renaissance manuscripts to hand-painted examples from early printed books,An Illuminated Alphabet offers an intriguing new way to enjoy the many treasures in the collection of the Bodleian Library. Whether you're an art lover, bibliophile, or one of the Library's more than one million visitors each year, this most beautiful of alphabet books is sure to become a favorite.
50 great initials of the Middle Ages, all with remarkable, ready-to-color illuminations built into them: Biblical scenes, knights, martyrdoms, grotesque animals, geometrical ornament, scenes of war and play, musicians and much else from the treasury of medieval manuscript.
With its artwork, its accompanying poems, and its many other special features, 'Letters From Heaven' is much more than an alphabet book-it’s a book your children will enjoy for years to come! The illuminated letters in this alphabet are Irish Uncial Majus
Companion volume to the TCalligrapher's Workbook' containing step-by-step instructions for illuminating the alphabet letter by letter. Includes printed outlines of each letter, which can be completed with watercolours. Spiral bound.
A collection of twenty-six medieval myths, stories, and legends, from amphisbaena to ziphius, is embellished with vivid illustrations, fascinating details, a pronunciation guide, maps, and a bibliography.
Provides instructions for creating intricate, decorative letters from five historical periods: Celtic, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Modern Revival.

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