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“As a world authority on insect anatomy, Snodgrass has given us this book a brilliant account of the anatomy of the honey bee and how it relates to the way that bees develop and how and why they function as they do in their interesting communal life. This book should be in the library of every student of the honey bee and bee behaviour—beekeepers as well as scientists. The book is delightfully written and is enjoyable reading.”—American Bee Journal “This is not just a technical reference book on honey bee anatomy. It is far more, it is essentially a treatise on entomology, using one species as an example, and including a discussion of the fundamentals of embryology, development, and metamorphosis as well as anatomy. The subject of each chapter is approached from the broadest evolutionary point of view, and its horizon includes all the arthropods and beyond, so that the bee really typifies animal life in general. Finally, the language of the book is such that it can be read straight through with pleasure....It is a delight to follow the author through this complete examination of one insect: how it develops, how it grows, and how it operates.”—Entomological News
This fascinating volume comprises a comprehensive treatise on the honey bee, with information on anatomy, physiology, and natural history. Complete with detailed illustrations and diagrams, and containing a veritable wealth of interesting information on bees, this text constitutes a must-have for the serious bee-keeper or bee-enthusiast, and makes for a great addition to collections of bee-related literature. The chapters include: 'The Bee Community', 'The Natural History of the Honey Bee', 'Anatomy and Physiology of the Honey Bee', 'Hermaphrodite and Freak Bees', 'Albino Bees', 'Anatomy and Physiology of the Honey Bee', 'Hairs', 'Head', 'Mouth Parts', 'A New Light on the Sexual Organs of the Queen and Drone Honey Bees', etcetera. We are proud to republish this vintage text, now complete with a new and specially commissioned introduction on bee-keeping.
Briana Williams became a viral sensation at twenty-four years old as a single mother, who took her final exam while in labor and graduated from Harvard Law School with her one-year-old baby in tow. The world wondered how it had all been possible? Nothing about the journey was easy but without question worth it. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee is the intimate, and intentionally unguarded offering of the darker side of success and the chronicle of a haunting relationship, infiltrated by love, abuse, loss, and redemption. Raw emotion depicted through a series of diary entries, letters and mantras developed while in the flames of vulnerability attests to the fact that the road traveled towards success is never as beautiful as the final destination.
This book not only reviews the basic aspects of social behavior, ecology, anatomy, physiology, and genetics, it also summarizes major controversies in contemporary honey bee research, such as the importance of kin recognition in the evolution of social behavior and the role of the well-known dance language in honey bee communication.

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