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Women who exercise regularly have specific nutritional needs. Carefully researched and fully up to date, and written by an experienced sports nutritionist, Anita Bean's book is written in a clear and accessible way to appeal directly to active women. This book covers topics such as exercise and the menstrual cycle, bone health, disordered eating, weight loss and iron deficiency anaemia. Around 45% of women take place in sport or physical activity, and over 4.4 million women are members of sports clubs (21% of women). A recipe section gives women lots of ideas for healthy and easy -to-cook meals and snacks.
Arms women with information on body fat, weight management, body image, and eating disorders, and addresses the special needs of pregnant and of older women.
Young athletes, parents, coaches and PE teachers want to know how good nutrition can help young sportsmen and women fulfill their potential. As the government focuses on healthy eating for children, this is becoming even more important with the growing threat to their well-being from inactivity and obesity. With the 2012 Olympic Games approaching, the number of young people participating in sport is set to be the highest it has ever been. Carefully researched and satisfying the need for a nutrition book specifically for this age group, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes offers clear advice to sports coaches, teachers and parents of young people wanting to maximise their sports performance through eating healthily and sensibly. The book covers issues such as: Weight, body composition and eating disorders Nutritional considerations for five different sport categories Practical nutrition tips Eating plans and competition eating strategies Easy delicious and nutritious recipes.
Fuels for exercise - Carbo-hydrates - Protein - Vitamins, minerals and supplements - Pills - Fluids - Weight - Eating and competing - Recipes.
A guide to nutrition for young athletes covers such topics as planning what to eat before, during, and after an event; healthy weight loss; nutritional supplements; and nutritional needs.
A new edition of this bestselling, accessible guide to fitness and diet from Anita Bean. Fully updated and packed with new recipe ideas, all including a nutritional breakdown.
Whether you're training for a marathon, a half-marathon, an ultra-distance event or just looking to improve your parkrun time, this book will help you achieve your running goals. This is the ultimate sports nutrition guide and cookbook for runners – packed with easy to follow, simple tips and practical eating advice, along with expert guidance on achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight. Anita decodes supplements and gives real food alternatives alongside meal plans and over 100 easy, delicious and nutritious recipes, alongside stunning and mouth-watering photography.

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