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Nino Arisugawa, a girl who loves to sing, experiences her first heart-wrenching goodbye when her beloved childhood friend, Momo, moves away. And after Nino befriends Yuzu, a music composer, she experiences another sad parting! Luckily, she reunites with Yuzu in high school, but Nino still yearns to see Momo again. In a bid to get Momo’s attention somehow, Nino strives to improve her singing skills. She soon lands an audition that’s being held by a “Momo Kiryu”—could he be her Momo?! -- VIZ Media
In No Hurry gears up for a second Rock Horizon show, but due to a last-minute cancellation, they have to play a bigger stage than expected. As they watch Silent Black Kitty blow away the festival crowd, the headliner’s vocalist comes to Nino with a surprising proposal! -- VIZ Media
When In No Hurry’s Rock Horizon performance ends in a whirl of frantic passion, does Nino’s voice reach Momo? And with the school festival coming up, the Pop Music Club prepares for its first performance in a long time...with things between Haruyoshi and Miou suddenly heating up! -- VIZ Media
In "The Twenty-Ninth Poem: Vol. 2," author Daddy Dave dedicates a variety of poems, stories, and observations to his daughter in honor of her twenty-ninth birthday. As with his first volume, which was dedicated to his son, this collection offers additional unique observations about life. Written in free-verse, non-rhyming style, many of the entries reflect the mystic union between father and daughter: "and then a moment later I blew a little harder and a little harder until finally I exhaled through my nose hard enough onto that little finger of yours that I made a slight honking sound, and you giggled. That was the seed of the magic, and within seconds the concept clicked with you, and you ran down the hallway showing off your newly acquired talent to your mother." ?from ?How to Blow Your Nose? No two children are exactly alike, and so this second volume differs from the first in that it includes some short stories, many written by the author's daughter when she was in the fourth grade and included here with minor modifications. Children and families are precious, and Daddy Dave encourages every parent to write down their own versions of unique stories so that they can be remembered, considered, and passed down to future generations.
Reveals the extent to which Charlotte Turner Smith's work constitutes as significant an achievement as her poetry, representing the turbulent decade of the 1790s on its social and political, as well as literary, planes with an unparalleled richness of detail and an unblinkered vision.

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