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2012 ~ The Mystery, The Prophecy, The Predictions ~ They are all based upon real-time SCIENCE...not Superstition! AND...You won't believe what you don't know! 2012 APOCALYPSE RISING presents of all of the NEWLY RELEASED, UP-TO-THE-MINUTE FACTS disclosed in 2010 by top scientists from around the world. When all of the facts from the world's most brilliant minds is FINALLY put together a new and startling picture emerges...rivaling even the best of any of Stephen King's novels. It is a picture that is both intriguing and startling, but one that you need to know ...because KNOWLEDGE is your only POWER...the POWER you need to make CLAIM to YOUR Rights to SURVIVAL...not only for yourself, but for those you love. So, put on your seatbelt and buckle up for the ride of your life! Whatever you conclude from the facts presented in 2012 Apocalypse Rising, one thing is for certain will never look at the world around you in the same way again...and this is one book you will NEVER leave HOME without! YOU have been CHOSEN...and YOU CAN SURVIVE! GET the KNOWLEDGE and the POWER you need to CLAIM your RIGHTS to SURVIVAL, NOW!
The only place left to hide was in the past. Fire Elemental Leda and her plainfolk companion, Grey, are running from a demented time traveler, a man obsessed with creating a creature who can read thoughts. Convinced that Leda can produce this unnatural child, he has threatened to hunt her down to the ends of the earth—and he has kept his word. Their only escape is a one-way trip through the time portal. With death on their heels, salvation appears in the form of two strangers. Seemingly ordinary people, Tom and Cassandra assure Leda and Grey that they are here to help. They claim they are repaying a debt—Leda and Grey helped them once, 1200 years ago. The trip through the portal offers no escape, as Leda and Grey discover that evil transcends time. Can their presence in the past stop the eventual apocalypse that forms their future? 88,000 words
J.S.Sutton was born James Shaun Sutton on 21st April 1987 the youngest of three to Penelope and Shaun Sutton. He has been writing on and off since he was 8 but started writing seriously since he was 19. He lived briefl y in Swansea with his ex girlfriend where he spent most of his time in the many different bars that litter the city especially bars such as the offi ce, walkabout, and the Latin jazz joint ‘mambos‘. When his ex girlfriend left him he began to drink even more and would write furiously to rid himself of the many demons that had accumulated in his brain. Alas this was not enough so he spent some time in the psychiatric ward upon his return to Wrexham (where he had come of age) in and out for 2 and half years. He is currently living with his parents whilst looking for another place to live locally.
A Revealing Look at the Signs of the End Times After decades of researching biblical prophecy, bestselling author Timothy Dailey warns that end-time events are closer than we realize. Connecting the dots between history, archeological findings, first-hand accounts, and Scripture, Dr. Dailey shows that malevolent forces are converging to trigger the end of human history. He reveals: · the hidden activity of Gog and Magog over the millennia · worldly portals opening for the Antichrist · counterfeit signs and wonders · and much more Yet under the shadow of the apocalypse, the world is witnessing an unprecedented spiritual revival and outpouring of the miraculous. It's time for us to read the signs and take a stand, knowing that Jesus has promised to be with us to the end of the age.
REVOLUTION, NOW! Fifteen years ago, revolution swept across Europe. In Britain, Valeri Kovalenko’s mother and father died taking part, their revolution failing, but their deaths not to be in vain. Now, Valeri and the working men of Britain face a crisis worse than anyone before them, with the rich freely looting and plundering the country’s wealth while the people live under the oppression of unemployment, violence, and death. It seems capitalism has finally failed. But not all is lost. There is another way. Pushed to the brink of starvation, Valeri finally realizes what must be done. In the working-class parts of London, there’s revolution in the offing again. After living for their whole lives in a world of poverty and despair, men like Valeri have been pushed until they have only one choice: rise! Part future history, part warning on the folly of our times, Apocalypse Rising foretells a spectacular war not only on the battlefields of some foreign county but in the streets of our own cities, through crisis, terror, and a cataclysmic devastation the likes of which the world has never seen. Equal parts prophecy and premise, Apocalypse Rising is the first in a trilogy of novels about a revolution to come.
Massive volcanic eruptions in Antarctica skyrocket global warming towards critical levels leaving the continuance of human civilization as we know it, and humanity¿s very existence, hanging in the balance.While U.N. scientists grapple to quantify the degenerating world weather chaos resulting from the rapidly expanding volcanic mushroom cloud, a team of environmental scientists trapped near the eruptions desperately fight for their survival, clinging on to a possible rescue by a storm-embattled icebreaker. The U.N. concludes, with the assistance of the remaining trapped scientists¿ eyewitness accounts, that there is only one slim window of opportunity to avert humanity¿s imminent demise; but can the accumulating pollution be stopped in time? This thought-provoking, nail-biting thriller hypothetically escalates global warming to catastrophic levels, giving humanity a terrifying glimpse into a bleak future from continued manmade global warming.The electrifying pace, razor-edge suspense and tension, coupled with startling evidence supporting humanity¿s inability to cap its own skyrocketing carbon emissions, leaves the reader questioning whether mankind can now avoid its own looming demise.
The world has fallen in the face of demons spilling out across the Earth from the Hellmouth, a portal that ripped its way into the central United States. Angels with fearsome spirit animals descended from Heaven to wage war, but humanity has been caught in the crossfire. Nathan and Jeremy Sanders, along with a small band of refugees, are just trying to survive in the eastern woods of Texas, aided by a fallen angel named Ash.But they're about to be drawn into the conflict when demons come looking for Nathan, claiming he's marked to help them raise Lucifer. With the Devil inbound, Nathan, Jeremy, and Ash set off on a quest to retrieve a lost key that could close the Hellmouth, and Nathan discovers he may not be so helpless in the face of such cosmic forces. If he can learn to wield an angelic power unwittingly bestowed upon him, humanity might just have a chance-and a champion.

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