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In addition to the approaches and methods covered in the first edition, this edition includes new chapters, such as whole language, multiple intelligences, neurolinguistic programming, competency-based language teaching, co-operative language learning, content-based instruction, task-based language teaching, and The Post-Methods Era.
This comprehensive anthology provides an overview of current approaches, issues, and practices in teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Serves as an important research resource for researchers, M.A. TESOL students, and teachers wishing to design a basic course in methodology.
This is a textbook on English Language Teaching Methodology which was a task-based, communicative approach to deal with concepts and theories. The book gives an up-to-date overview of ELT. Most books stop at the structural syllabus. The focus of this book is on classroom practice, open-ended enough to allow for interaction and discussions. Instead of discursive essays, the book systematises information through charts, check lists, etc.
The Grammar-Translation Method - The Direct Method - The Audio-Lingual Method - The Silent Way - Desuggestopedia - Community Language Learning - Total Physical Response - Communicative Language Teaching - Content-based, Task-based, and Participatory Approaches - Learning Strategy Training, Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences.
Language teaching approaches, methods and procedures are constantly undergoing reassessment. New ideas keep emerging as the growing complexity of the means of communication and the opportunities created by technology put language skills to new uses. In addition, the political, social and economic impact of globalisation, the new demands of the labour market that result from it, the pursuit of competitiveness, the challenges of intercultural communication and the diversification of culture have opened new perspectives on the central role that foreign languages have come to play in the development of contemporary societies. This book provides an insight into the latest developments in the field and discusses the new trends in foreign language teaching in four major areas, namely methods and approaches, teacher training, innovation in the classroom, and evaluation and assessment.
Contents: The Nature of Language, Acquisition of the First Language, Approaches to Language Teaching, Grammar-Translation Method, Structural Approach, Audio- Lingual and Direct Method, Bilingual Method, Communicative Language Teaching, Language Content and Kinds of Lessons, Techniques for Teaching English, Teaching English in Universities, Teaching English in English Medium Schools, Equipping the English Teacher, Micro-teaching in Teacher Education.

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