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Aria, the world traveler, travels to Kenya with her dog Daisy to visit her friend Amina. Aria meets Amina's brother and parents. Together they go on an adventure of safari! Their guide Kamari shows them lions, elephants, and many wild animals. Daisy makes a friend with a baby elephant Eli. One day Daisy and Eli disappear! They were nowhere to be found. Kamari thinks they might be trapped by hyenas. Aria, her friends, and Eli's mother elephant go on a search for Daisy and Eli. What clues can they use to find them? This book series not only introduces children to other cultures, but also educates them about geography by having maps of the world, continents, and the country Aria visits.
Aria, the world traveler, gets invited to a singing competition in Italy. The winning choir will sing for the Pope. Aria, Daisy, and choir members enjoy visiting the Sistine Chapel. After their tour guide tells them a mystery connected to the Sistine Chapel, three choir boys disappear one by one. As Aria and Daisy go on a mission to find the missing boys, they find an unexpected ancient treasure that will help them win the competition. This book series introduces children to other cultures and educates them about the countries Aria visits.
Aria, the world traveler, travels to Spain as an exchange student with her dog Daisy. They stay with the García family and their son Tomás. They enter a fun contest from Tomás' school with the García family. Each family has to go to many places on the map. The family finishing first wins the game. Last year, the López family and the Rodríguez family were the top winners. Who will win this time? This book series introduces children to other cultures and educates them about the countries Aria visits.
Tourists and professionals such as military personnel, journalists, aid workers, and businesspeople need the tools provided here to stay healthy during their trip and after they return home.
This new collection investigates German literature in its international dimensions. While no single volume can deal comprehensively with such a vast topic, the nine contributors cover a wide historical range, with a variety of approaches and authors represented. Together, the essays begin to adumbrate the systematic nature of the relations between German national literature and world literature as these have developed through institutions, cultural networks, and individual authors. In the last two decades, discussions of world literature-literature that resonates beyond its original linguistic and cultural contexts-have come increasingly to the forefront of theoretical investigations of literature. One reason for the explosion of world literature theory, pedagogy and methodology is the difficulty of accomplishing either world literature criticism, or world literary history. The capaciousness, as well as the polylingual and multicultural features of world literature present formidable obstacles to its study, and call for a collaborative approach that conjoins a variety of expertise. To that end, this collection contributes to the critical study of world literature in its textual, institutional, and translatorial reality, while at the same time highlighting a question that has hitherto received insufficient scholarly attention: what is the relation between national and world literatures, or, more specifically, in what senses do national literatures systematically participate in (or resist) world literature?
This guide is more than just a world atlas. It's a complete reference for planning domestic and international business trips and vacations. It offers the kind of detailed information and tips that travelers really need- especially when visiting unfamiliar countries or cities.
This collection of thirteen essays, edited by historian W. Fitzhugh Brundage, brings together original work from sixteen scholars in various disciplines, ranging from theater and literature to history and music, to address the complex roles of black performers, entrepreneurs, and consumers in American mass culture during the early twentieth century. Moving beyond the familiar territory of blackface and minstrelsy, these essays present a fresh look at the history of African Americans and mass culture. With subjects ranging from representations of race in sheet music illustrations to African American interest in Haitian culture, Beyond Blackface recovers the history of forgotten or obscure cultural figures and shows how these historical actors played a role in the creation of American mass culture. The essays explore the predicament that blacks faced at a time when white supremacy crested and innovations in consumption, technology, and leisure made mass culture possible. Underscoring the importance and complexity of race in the emergence of mass culture, Beyond Blackface depicts popular culture as a crucial arena in which African Americans struggled to secure a foothold as masters of their own representation and architects of the nation's emerging consumer society. The contributors are: Davarian L. Baldwin, Trinity College W. Fitzhugh Brundage, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Clare Corbould, University of Sydney Susan Curtis, Purdue University Stephanie Dunson, Williams College Lewis A. Erenberg, Loyola University Chicago Stephen Garton, University of Sydney John M. Giggie, University of Alabama Grace Elizabeth Hale, University of Virginia Robert Jackson, University of Tulsa David Krasner, Emerson College Thomas Riis, University of Colorado at Boulder Stephen Robertson, University of Sydney John Stauffer, Harvard University Graham White, University of Sydney Shane White, University of Sydney
Combining a student-friendly presentation with cutting-edge digital resources, LISTENING TO WESTERN MUSIC equips you with the tools to actively listen to and inspire a lifelong appreciation for music. Known for his clear, conversational style, Professor Wright helps you immediately find connections to music by comparing pop and classical music concepts. His text is organized chronologically and discusses musical examples from each era in its social context -- describing the construction and culture of each piece. LISTENING TO WESTERN MUSIC is fully integrated with MindTap to better help you develop your listening skills and maximize your course success. Online resources include interactive exercises, streaming music, Active Listening Guides, chapter and critical thinking quizzes, iAudio lectures, YouTube videos, Beat the Clock games, and more. You also can download all music directly to a music library. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Highly original reliably intelligentsatisfying entertainment. - Publishers Weekly ACEDIA: a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with ones position or condition in the world... Its 2018, and after serving three years in prison for digging up William Shakespeares grave, Travis Morrison is returning home to Alexandria, Virginia, confident that he can make a respectable living from the infamy of his crime. But the world has changed in three years, and Travis quickly discovers that he must rely on his reluctant ex-friend, Bob Green, to claim the rewards of notoriety Travis is convinced are his. Presented through the wild and conflicting perspectives of Bob and Travis, Acedia delivers an ambitious storyline that deftly probes some key premises about Western civilizations past and future. A fun and fast tale of the unexpected, Acedia will appeal to readers who enjoy humorous, cerebral fi ction and exceptional writing.
Introduces the Supreme Court, describes its Constitutional role, development, and function, and discusses the selection of Justices and some of the people who sat on the Court
Maximize your study time with this comprehensive workbook! Prepared by Timothy Roden of Ohio Wesleyan University, the workbook contains a set of analytical questions for each musical selection in the CD set and Anthologies as well as Sterling Murray's guide to research in and writing about music.
Chinese pictograms are much more than mere letters or words. In Chinese thought, the act of writing a character is seen parallel to the process of creation. Every single stroke is rich with meaning and each complete character reflects the centuries-old history of Chinese civilisation. In this volume, Arria examines over 40 characters: characters that are earth based and reveal the wisdom of Chinese culture.

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