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"This is a gem of a book. It should be read by all who care about the role of the United States in the world." - Graham Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
At this time, all cultures are studied through the prism of western scholarship. This results in a distortion that denies peoples from other cultures an access to their own experience. An examination of some key ideas drawn from Indian and western culture highlights the nature of the problem and the conceptual constraints imposed by western scholarship. These constraints are so deep and so pervasive within western culture that they set limits on western imagination itself, and, consequently, on the imagination of folks from all other cultures. Now, to regain access to the varieties of cultural experience, we must develop alternative theoretical frameworks. Here is an example of one such attempt. With this, we can begin to get a taste of what the world, including the West, would look like if people from other cultures were to describe it in their terms.
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This collection of articles shows that some media products ought to carry a mental health warning: Some school books still contain simplistic presentations of England and Germany. English and German journalists admit that the entertainment value of their articles sometimes takes precedence over impartial reporting. English children's books may contain a reasonable mixture of good and bad Germans but some wartime films needed more sinister types for propaganda. -Made in Germany- originated in English legislation as a label against German competition but became a German marketing tool. A minister in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet made unprintable remarks about Germany. When they were printed, the Ridley Affair proved to be the beginning of the downfall of Britain's controversial Prime Minister."
As Others See Us, first published in 1994 by Gordon & Breach, is a book designed to introduce the reader to a new way of thinking about the movements, both conscious and unconscious, that we make every day and every second of our lives. Goldman describes the human experience as a continuous stream of body movements, though we are only aware of a small fraction of the more obvious and intrusive physical acts. The aim of this book is first to increase awareness of the subtleties and complexities of our body language, and then to encourage the reader to perceive these intricacies in their own movements and in those of others. Finally, with a more complete understanding and appreciation for the power of body language and non-verbal communication, one can achieve a deeper connection between physical and intellectual spheres, to allow for a fuller and more engaging experience of communication and expression. This new knowledge of the human body's movements not only permits one to more accurately perceive the emotions and thoughts of others, but can allow a glimpse into one's own mind, to see how we present ourselves to the world, and whether our thoughts are in sync with our actions. Central to the text is the author's treatment of the Integrated Movement, a term used to describe the merger of a posture and a gesture with a consistent quality, dynamic or shape. This approach to understanding and explaining human movement offers a unique way of thinking about conscious gesture, unconscious body language, and verbal speech as interconnected communication, a synthesis that allows for a more complete view of ourselves and others around us. The structure of the book follows a logical framework that mirrors the progress of the reader, from perception of movement, to the close inspection of gesture and body language, to the introduction and experience of Integrated Movement, to the application of one's new awareness to different aspects of life. Biographical sketches of leading figures in the field are included, as are suggestions for additional reading and resources. Perhaps the most unique feature of the book are the personal exercises (boxed-off text) that appear on almost every other page. These exercises are designed to allow the reader to experience the power of body language in real-life situations, while working towards the increased awareness and perception that is the goal of the book.

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