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To achieve in their higher education studies students have to develop excellent research and writing skills. Without these skills it is unlikely that students will achieve the levels required to move beyond undergraduate studies. "Assignment & Thesis Writing" is destined to become a classic, as its Australian predecessor, with students in higher education. The book has now been adapted with local examples to ensure relevance for students in South African institutions.
Part I Essentials of Research An Introduction to Research Methodology The Scientific Method Types of Research Studies Research Methods Designing Research Data Collection Data Analysis Part II Essentials of Writing Planning the Thesis Using the Library Scientific Writing Thesis or Assignment Writing Preparing the Title Writing Abstract and Summary Writing the Introduction Writing Review of Literature Writing the Materials and Methods Presenting the Results Writing the Discussions Citing the References Using the Footnotes Listing of Authors and Addresses Using Quotations Using Punctuations Proofreading Photography Writing a Research Proposal Writing a Research Report Writing a Research Grant Proposal Appendix Glossary Index
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This book on Thesis Writing for Master’s and Ph.D. program focuses on the difficulties students encounter with regard to choosing a guide; selecting an appropriate research title considering the available resources; conducting research; and ways to overcome the hardships they face while researching, writing and preparing their dissertation for submission. Thesis writing is an essential skill that medical and other postgraduates are expected to learn during their academic career as a mandatory partial requirement in order to receive the Master’s degree. However, at the majority of medical schools, writing a thesis is largely based on self-learning, which adds to the burden on students due to the tremendous amount of time spent learning the writing skills in addition to their exhausting clinical and academic work. Due to the difficulties faced during the early grooming years and lack of adequate guidance, acquiring writing skills continues to be a daunting task for most students. This book addresses these difficulties and deficiencies and provides comprehensive guidance, from selecting the research title to publishing in a scientific journal.

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