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Read the full story of Great Britain's best-loved sports car manufacturer with Aston Martin DB, an exquisitely produced, photo-loaded, history by Aston Martin expert, Andrew Noakes. The name David Brown is synonymous with the glory days of Aston Martin, when a tiny British sports car company was rescued from near-extinction and turned into a marque that could compete with Ferrari--and win. Stylish design, lavish illustration from the Aston Martin Heritage Trust and meticulously researched text come together in this large-format, 224-page book to create a superb celebration of the 70th anniversary of DB Aston Martins in 2017. There's a wealth of detail on the Aston Martin DB road and race cars, both from the David Brown era of 1947-1972 and the modern DB era from 1993 onwards, together high quality images and specification tables for all the key models. Aston Martin DB 70 Years is a fitting celebration of one of the world's most enduring sports cars. The fast, beautiful sports cars that Aston Martin built under Brown's ownership won the Le Mans 24-hour race and the World Sports Car Championship, and provided James Bond with his most famous transport: the ejector-seat equipped DB5 that won acclaim in Goldfinger. Though the DB era ended when Brown sold the company in 1972, its influence continued to be felt. James Bond's most recent car, the specially-made DB10, and Aston Martin has just launched its most complete car ever, the DB11. 'DB' means as much to Aston Martin now as ever.
Aston Martin is now more than a century old – and what a century it has been. Since its birth in London on the eve of the First World War, the company has experienced the highs of racing triumph – most famously in the 1959 Le Mans 24-hour race – and the lows of bankruptcy, yet throughout it all has been in the first rank of British marques. Published in association with the Aston Martin Heritage Trust and written by enthusiast Richard Loveys, Aston Martin is a fully illustrated history of the company that has created some of the the world's best loved and most widely respected cars, including James Bond's iconic DB5. It covers the cars themselves, the personalities and talents who have shaped Aston Martin from owners to engineers, the drivers who have shared with the company in racing glory, and the centenary celebrations of 2013.
In England, two car companies reign supreme—Jaguar and Ashton Martin. They each produce sleek, fast cars, but there is no confusing the one for the other. Stats, facts, and comparison charts help young readers understand why. They will learn about the similarities, discover the differences, and form their own opinions as to which company they think is the true king of speed.
Simple text and photographs describe the history and models of the Aston Martin.
Presents a history of sports cars from the earliest models, to the hot rods of the 1950s and 1960s, to contemporary styles
The Aston Martin launched its new 'entry-level' grand tourer, the DB7, in 1994. Its role was stated by company chairman Walter Hayes: 'The DB7 was meant to be what DB's have always been: a user-friendly gentleman and lady's car with a soft ride, but one that would hang on like a leech, would drive very elegantly if you wanted to take your daughter to school, but would go like a bat out of hell if you felt like it. We were interested in providing the ingredient that Aston always provided which is elegance and fulfilment on the road.' The V12-engined DB9 succeeded the DB7 in 2004 and was the first car to come out of Aston Martin's new Gaydon facility in Warwickshire. Then in 2007 came the high-performance DBS styled by the celebrated designer Marek Reichman. This book is an illustrated record of these three cars.

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