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For nearly a century now the Aston Martin name has been synonymous with performance, style and sophistication. Perhaps more than any other luxury car it possesses a mystique and charisma that have established it as a cultural icon And The pinnacle of aut
Featuring the photographs of acclaimed Barcelona-based photographer Miquel Tres, Custom Motorcycles presents a fascinating visual display of outrageous custom-built motorcycles and their colourful owners. Through his extraordinary photographs, Miquel has
Do you want to know how a traditionally French brand expands into an international market, how a department store can channel its business online, or how any organization can incorporate social media into their communication campaigns? What can you learn from these practices, how do theyincorporate sustainability and ethical practice, and how could it influence your career, whether in marketing or not? Incorporating the big brand case studies, unique expert insights, and engaging learning features of the best-selling Marketing by Baines, Fill, and Rosengren, Fundamentals of Marketing is the most complete resource for students looking for a briefer guide to help build their theoreticalunderstanding of marketing into skilful practice. Covering the most essential theories and latest trends, this book take you from the traditional marketing mix to the cutting-edge trends of the discipline, with a particular focus on sustainability, ethics, and digitalization. With cases featuring international companies such as YouTube, Kopparberg,and Nestle, and exploring issues such as greenwashing, guilt appeals, and responsible branding, the book goes beyond marketing theory to illustrate marketing at work in the business world, and how it can be used to promote a company's success. Review and discussion questions conclude each chapter, prompting readers to examine the themes discussed in more detail and critically engage with the theory. Links to seminal papers throughout each chapter also present the opportunity to take learning further and read in depth on selected topics. A fully integrated Online Resource Centre allows you to learn from real-life marketers whose video interviews expand on the book's Case Insights to offer a more in-depth view of their world. From Withers Worldwide to Aston Martin, Lanson International to Spotify, household names as well as SMEs andonline businesses discuss their real-life marketing dilemmas and how they navigated their way to a positive outcome. Test bank questions, internet activities, and web links also allow you to test your learning and explore key concepts further. Fundamentals of Marketing has all you need to begin your journey into the fascinating world of marketing. The book is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre that features: * For everyone:* Case Insight videos* Library of video links* WorksheetsFor students:* Author audio podcasts* Multiple-choice questions* Flashcard glossaries* Employability guidance and marketing careers insights* Internet activities* Research insights* Web links For lecturers:* VLE content* PowerPoint slides* Test bank* Essay questions* Tutorial activities* Marketing resource bank* Pointers on answering the discussion question at the end of each chapter of the book* Figures and tables from the book in electronic format* Transcripts of the Case Insight videos
Will Power and Win Process -Deal As Rising star When you think about choices, chances, and challenges, you become a positive rising star in your field. Whatever you may choose, it reflects on the changes and challenges. Don’t chase people around you, be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. Once you choose the right direction, you can reach great heights and you will win as rising star. By projecting ourselves too much, we are definitely rejecting. Moreover, project yourself only when it needs. The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t lose your will power until you win. To be successful in life, we have to go through so much of pain. Don’t delay anything and don’t fear anything, you will reach your destination. Nobody can stop it. Keep all those who truly love you, inspire you; enhance you and who feel happy about you becoming a rising star. This book serves as a winning formula in all aspects and tells you how to become a successful man with innovative ideas.

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