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This book examines the behavioural science aspects of living and working in space. Dr Harris examines the twin concepts of space ethos and synergy, underlining their vital importance in any extraterrestrial expansion. He analyzes the broader human dimensions of space exploration and development beyond the scientific and engineering considerations. He examines the emergence of a unique space culture in the orbital environment, taking into consideration the anthropological, sociological, psychological and living systems aspects, and also reviews the impact of organizational culture on space agencies and the aerospace industry, together with the influence of space technology and habitation upon the Earth's culture and peoples.
1991- Kept up to date between editions by supplements.
In Space Enterprise - Living and Working Offworld, Dr Philip Harris provides the vision and rationale as to why humanity is leaving its cradle, Earth, to use space resources, as well as pursuing lunar industrialization and establishing offworld settlements. As a management/space psychologist, Dr. Harris presents a behavioral science perspective on space exploration and enterprise. In this his 45th book, Phil has completely revised and updated the two previous editions of this classic, placing new emphasis on the need for more synergy and participation by the private sector. He not only provides a critical review of what is happening in the global space community, but offers specific strategies for lunar economic development. The author analyzes the human factors in contemporary and future space developments, especially relative to the deployment of people aloft. This user-friendly volume offers numerous photographs, diagrams, exhibits, and case studies.
Defined as the 'public affairs of outer space,' Cosmopolitics deals with the international legal, economic, and military issues arising out of the exploration and exploitation of extraterrestrial space resources. This book describes the global situation of cosmopolitics and analyzes its policies in resolving them.

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