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Australia is a land of many unique animals, some of which are active only during the cooler evening and night-time and so are rarely seen. These are the after dark animals so widespread yet so little noticed by humans, whether in our backyards, the arid desert, woodlands or rainforest. Australian Wildlife After Dark brings this hidden fauna into the light. The after dark fauna includes a surprising diversity of familiar (and some not-so-familiar) species, from cockroaches, moths and spiders through to bandicoots, bats and birds – and then some. Each example is described in a unique, friendly style by Martyn Robinson, familiar to many Australians through his frequent media appearances on ABC Radio and in Burke’s Backyard magazine, and Bruce Thomson, an internationally renowned wildlife photographer and bat researcher. The book includes stunning photography and boxes that highlight selected topics, such as the ‘windscreen wiper’ eyelids of geckoes and the strategies used by night-time plants to attract pollinators. Also included are practical tips on finding nocturnal wildlife, a glossary of scientific terms and a short bibliography.
Kangaroos, bilbies, echidnas and the mysterious thylacine - Australia's unique wildlife has captured the imaginations of artist, writers, scientist and children since the idea of a Great South Land was first expressed. Featuring poems by 'Banjo' Paterson, Jack Davis, Les Murray and John Foulcher and artwork by John Gould, Conrad Martens and Ebenezer Edward Gostelow, amongst others, this latest addition to the National Library's popular 'Little Book' series celebrates our native fauna.
Australian Wildlife encourages students to look in detail at twelve well known and loved Australian animals and, by doing this to develop an understanding and appreciation of living things and their fascinating worlds. The book encourages students to understand how each animals's unique features help it to hunt for food, protect itself, move, cope with its climate, breed, care for its young and fit into its natural habitat and take its place in the animal hierarchy. Practical, fun and curriculum linked, this book will ensure that students enjoy and engage with Science lessons.
A completely revised and updated edition of a classic. This practical and informative volumne covers all the intriguing mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and inverterbrates that inhabit Australia. More than 100 academic scientists and science writers have contributed their knowledge to this comprehensive book.
Everything in Australia will kill you! Whether it grows, swims, flies, crawls, slithers, hops or glides etc; it will either kill you, kill you then eat you, "violate" you or just settle for laying its eggs in your brain!
This thought-provoking book for middle to upper primary students explores the natural and human factors that contribute to reptiles becoming endangered and the efforts being made to protect them.It is part of a series focusing Australias unique wildlife.Six endangered reptiles are presented and information is provided on: - appearance - life cycle - shelter and habitat - distribution It then focuses on the threats to the reptile and initiatives to save the species.Special features:

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