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A fascinating discovery in southern India has caught the attention of spiritual teachers from every tradition, leaders from around the world, and millions more. It is the phenomenon called the Oneness Blessing (known as ''deeksha'' in India), a powerful transfer of energy believed to elicit the realization of unitive consciousness. Awakening into Oneness tells the remarkable story of this radical new gateway to personal and global transformation. Writes author Arjuna Ardagh: ''The Blessing can precipitate a shift toward a completely different state of consciousness, where the sense of 'me' as a separate entity dissolves. What remains is a simple and direct realization of Oneness, unclouded by the conceptual mind-something so profound and glorious that it defies logical description. Oneness is the heart's deepest longing, the song of the ages.'' What is it about the Oneness Blessing that has ignited the hearts of so many? You'll find the answer here, in Awakening into Oneness.
Author Larry Vorwerk, an ordinary man, takes us through thirty years of spiritual discovery, transformation, acceptance and joy—an extraordinary journey into Oneness. Thought-provoking, inspirational, and truly unique, The Bartholomew Effect: Awakening to Oneness is a gift to anyone ready to embark on a quest of self-discovery and acceptance. Awareness illuminates the path. Book jacket.
You have heard the call to awaken. The journey to awakening is a journey without distance. The greatest distance you will travel is from your head to your heart. At the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus laid out for mankind the stepping stones to awakening. These guide stones are known as the Beatitudes. And, they become the pathway to awakening into the Oneness that is Heaven.
In December 2012, Mariah Brooks was guided by Divine beings to write An Exciting Journey to Awakening. Her book consists of simple tools, resources, and inspirational messages from Divine beings that empower you and assist you in remembering who you truly are. By taking these messages into your heart, letting go of old beliefs and applying these tools to your everyday life, you will begin to live a life of love, joy and peace. The book includes: * Messages from Divine beings about the truth of who you are and how much you are loved by the Divine. * Simple, empowering tools that will help you begin living the abundant life you were created to live. * Affirmations and exercises that will guide you on an exciting journey of shedding old, limiting beliefs and awakening to your truth. * Wonderful resources that will assist you in your awakening process.
The wisdom that the 2012 code can inspire in us is to look directly at our lives, right here and now: What are our spiritual guiding principles? How can we live in greater harmony with all our personal relations? How can we embody genuine compassion? How can we become increasingly aware and self-reflective? How can we deepen our humility? How can we share our talents and gifts as a way to influence our culture and help manifest the new paradigm? How can we be of service to life, and positively contribute to the whole? How can we cultivate a balance of being and doing, receptivity and action? On this diverse planet, we all have different strengths, different abilities, different callings. Rather than looking to the world to show us our path, we need to look deep within our spiritual being and listen to our inner sense of how to navigate these times of the great unknown. It is essential we learn to hear the voice of our inner wisdom, our spiritual self. No one can give us wisdom; it is within all of us, born of our own direct experience. We each have our own direct connection to our spirit, and we must keep learning how to hear our divine, intuitive directives, whispering within. Th is ability to hear the voice of our inner guidance is the most practical skill we can cultivate in these times. It is what will inform us to how to synchronize in the right place at the right time.
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