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The No.1 Sunday Times bestseller If you don't face your enemies – they'll stab you in the back.
A group of small town teens bring new girl Lena under their wing, and soon the sparks start flying, in more ways than one. Stephanie, the self-proclaimed queen of their school, instantly declares war on her, all for the love of local heartthrob, Jason. And she isn't prepared to stop at humiliation. Jason, heir to an old and rich family, wishes school and relationship drama were all he had to worry about. He's had to look over his shoulder for as long as he can remember, whether it's vengeful family members, his grandfather's shady connections, or just his own dark nightmares. But is a difficult past the only thing he's hiding from his friends? Lena, of course, has her own secrets, more than she's even aware of. Slowly, she and Jason learn to trust again, just in time for them all to face the ultimate test.
They've been friends for ever, but now Tia is beginning to discover romantic feelings for Conner. Elizabeth isn't going to be happy about this.
e's suave, he's sexy, he's cool....and he's an undertaker. Hitchcock Sewell is back in one of the funniest and most fast-paced novels yet in Tim Cockey's celebrated award-winning series. A man has been murdered in his kitchen. And the apparent killer wants Hitch to scoop up the body and take it away....before the police have arrived. Meanwhile, across town, Hitch smells a rat-maybe two-in the nursing home where an old friend of his has taken up residence. With his matchless wit and uncommon ability to dig out the truth, Hitch is once again up to his old tricks....and mystery readers couldn't be happier.
Your Boss is Not Your Mother is an essential new guide to uprooting and solving the underlying problems that cause office drama, with positive guidance for improving workplace relationships. Most people who are unhappy at work attribute it to their relationship with coworkers. By continually getting sucked into workplace drama, they’re usually replicating problems they had with parents, siblings, or others in childhood. Dr. Debra Mandel attacks these workplace problems at the roots. Using real-life stories and anecdotes, she demonstrates how to respond to people in the workplace with a clear head. This warm and insightful guide is full of interactive features—self-tests, exercises and checklists—designed to help you explore and assess your workplace interactions, let go of negative influences, and take charge of your work life.
With this book, I hope to teach you the rules of the Office Politics game and help you identify Office Politics in a way that you can use them to your advantage. In the end, I hope that you will become politically savvy and achieve your dreams in the working world and in Corporate America.
The purpose of this book of poetry entitled "Wisdom Of The Soul," is to attempt to strengthen and enlighten, not to judge nor condemn. Its purpose also is to touch the lives, and to share in the encouragement of others and hopefully touching their hearts and saving of souls. The author speaks out through her poetry for those who want and need to be heard. Her desire is to reach the world of the needy, whether it be a spiritual need, natural need, emotional need or any or all of these factors. She desire her poetry to be a positive orator conveying the fact that love, faith, hope and all goodness and truth overcomes hatred, fear, prejudice, and all wrong-doings, and evil intentions. Through the writing of poetry, the author submerge deeply within herself going beyond her mind, but into her heart and soul emerging with the truths which convicted her to write with experience, strong conviction, and ardent passion for those who have been and still are victimized by various forms of conflicts and adversities in their lives. She desire the words of her poetry to come forth pure and clean-edged; going beyond the surface, from depth to depth, and to be a blessing and beneficial to all. The author continually attempt to instill in others through poetry the importance of living within the bounds of righteousness in order to inherit the kingdom of God, "for unrighteousness shall not inherit the kingdom of God." She emphasize the fact that we need to get ourselves ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are living in the last time, and Jesus Christ is still extending his love and mercy toward mankind wanting all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth. We must put aside all ungodliness, and seek Gods face; putting him first in our lives. The author desires her poems to capture the suppressed emotions that ones are too shy, embarrassed, or intimidated to express openly for fear of retaliation from others. We must not be afraid to speak out for truth and justice, fearing no man, who can only destroy our bodies, but fearing only God who can destroy both body and soul. The author writes about life and about death. She attest to the belief that our mortal lives should be lived to the fulliest daily in Gods way and after his will in order to obtain immortality and eternal life. Thus death in the end shall have no dominion over Eternal Life, and there is hope beyond the grave; if we die in Christ Jesus. To fear the Lord Jesus, to grow in grace and knowledge of him, to love, to be pure and faithful and to do all things in spirit and in truth is to truly obtain spiritual wisdom.

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