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Provides step-by-step instructions and drills for learning the fundamentals of basketball, including ball handling, shooting, passing, and rebounding.
Provides information for coaches of beginning- or intermediate-level basketball players, discussing the priorities of the coaching position, explaining teaching methods, and featuring descriptions and diagrams of individual and team skills and drills.
Describes the rules and positions of basketball, demonstrates basic skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defensive tactics, and suggests team drills and warmups
Provides instructions and skills for developing essential basketball skills, covering ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and rebounding.
Before great basketball players developed their superstar flair, they built a solid base of fundamental skills in all phases of the game. Basketball Skills and Drills provides a blueprint for building the foundation that every well-rounded basketball player needs. The book also covers key team principles for both ends of the court. Tactics for offense, including special situations such as out-of-bounds plays, will improve spacing, ball and player movement, shot selection, and scoring. Defensive tactics emphasize positioning, pressure, and various systems to apply in each area or level of the court.
Artistic illustrations of various basketball maneuvers.
B is for Basketball is the perfect book for beginner youth basketball players. From the letter A to the letter Z, this book provides all the basics of basketball and covers the fundamentals of passing, shooting, Xs and Os, and so much more that goes into learning the game. Fun and exciting illustrations, this colorful book teaches kids how to develop an understanding of the game and improve ball skills at an early age.
So you’re thinking about volunteering to coach youth basketball? Great! You’re in for a fun, rewarding experience. Whether you’re new to the sport and looking for some guidance or you’re a seasoned coach hunting for some fresh tips, Coaching Basketball For Dummies will help you command the court with confidence. Each friendly chapter is packed with expert advice on teaching the basics of basketball—from dribbling and shooting to rebounding and defending—and guiding your kids to a fun-filled, stress-free season. You get a crash course in the rules and regulations of the game, as well as clear explanations of what all those lines, circles, and half-circle markings mean on the court. You’ll assign team positions, run great practices, and work with both beginning and intermediate players of different age groups. You’ll also see how to ramp up your players’ skills and lead your team effectively during a game. This book will also help you discover how to: Develop your coaching philosophy Understand your league’s rules Conduct a preseason parents’ meeting—crucial for opening the lines of communication Teach offensive and defensive strategies Keep your kids healthy and injury-free Encourage good sportsmanship Make critical half-time adjustments during a game Help struggling players Address discipline problems and handle difficult parents Coach an All-Star or Travel team Complete with numerous offensive and defensive drills and tips for helping your kids relax before a game, Coaching Basketball For Dummies is the fun and easy way to get the score on this worthwhile endeavor!
Basketball Skills & Drills is your guide to mastering the basics of basketball, including footwork, ball handling, player positioning, post and perimeter play, rebounding, plus offensive and defensive individual and team tactics.
Basketball is the only major American team sport that did not grow out of older European games. Through the years, it has become more of a contact sport, leading to many types of injuries on the court. More than 1.6 million basketball injuries are treated every year in the United States. This book provides a comprehensive guide for playing a safer game. It explains the most common types of injuries, how to treat them, and the best techniques to prevent them. This book will also help the reader discover: • How basketball has changed since its beginning. • Warm-up exercises to prevent injuries. • Types of injuries and their treatments. • The importance of good nutrition. •The dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.
Here the reader can discover some of the most fascinating and unusual facts about basketball. The book reveals the highest scoring game, the greatest male and female players, the largest basketball in the world, superstitions about lucky shorts, the most unusual world record, and much more!
Discusses the importance of offense to the game of basketball, analyzing dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and team play.
This book helps Basketball Players (also fans and friends & family of players) just like you who want to learn EXACTLY how Overseas Basketball works. You will know how everything goes in the Overseas world, have a grasp of all the fundamentals, and understand why overseas basketball may NOT be for everyone -- all so you can be really clear on whether you want to get into this world or not. With this guide, you will never be blindsided by anything that happens when you're playing overseas [like so many other players], and you'll even discover exactly what you can do to get started with Overseas Basketball NOW, so you can hit the ground running TODAY if you decide that professional basketball is truly for you. This book lays out all the basics of the Overseas Basketball game so you can start your pro basketball career fully informed and do what 99.9% of athletes never do: Get paid to play. In fact, here's just a sample of what you'll discover in the pages of this brand new book: * The FIRST steps all beginner Pro Basketball Players need to take with Overseas Basketball * Critical steps that beginner Pro Basketball Players often overlook (and how it kills their careers)* Specific beginner steps everyone needs to know about Overseas Basketball when getting started* The exact Overseas Basketball basics tools all Pro Basketball Players need to know about here at the start of their journey* The perfect mindset for a beginner Pro Basketball Players that virtually guarantees their success* Precise Overseas Basketball basic tools and resources that beginner Pro Basketball Players can't live without, including websites that you can use immediately* Where beginner Pro basketball players are wasting a lot of time in their Overseas Basketball careers (and what to do about it).* How to overcome the biggest challenges for beginners in Overseas Basketball right now* Where to spot the big opportunities in Overseas Basketball basics that many beginner, or even experienced Pro Basketball Players might be missing* Specific tips for time management when it comes to Overseas Basketball * Why it's easier for a beginner Pro Basketball Player starting out today with Overseas Basketball basics than it was when Dre Baldwin got started* Specific wisdom and experience to help motivate beginner Pro Basketball Players to get started the right way with Overseas Basketball (and achieve amazing results) ... and much, MUCH More! And, as a special bonus, we'll also reveal the exact steps an NCAA D3 walk-on player took to create a 9-year pro basketball career!
Explains basketball basics and provides drills and games for improving different skills.
Learn the fundamentals and basics of some of the world's most popular sports. Read the different aspects of each sport, and find a sport that you want to play and enjoy! 1. Golf: The Element's of Playing Golf 2. Hockey: A Very Interesting Sport 3. Tennis: A Good Way to Stay Active and Fit 4. Tennis: Another Example of the Game 5. Soccer: How to Play Soccer 6. Basketball: A Team Sport 7. Basketball: Another Example of the Game 8. Football: The Biggest Sport 9. Football: Another Example of the Game 10. Baseball: Easy Rules to Play the Game 11. Racquetball: Simple & Basic Rules 12. Dodge Ball: How To Play Dodge Ball 13. How to Play Horse Shoes 14. How to Play Lacrosse 15. How to Play Volleyball 16. Boxing
Offers sequential instructions for performing the essential skills and tactics of basketball, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding.
Covering all the basic offensive and defensive fundamental skills players will need to play a better game of basketball, this practical guide includes 158 individual pictures, illustrations, diagrams, and charts.

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