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Full of insights and exercises that will help you feel more in the moment and in control, this is the perfect antidote to the stress and busyness of our times. Pep up your perspective, simplify your lifestyle, and sharpen your focus on what’s most important to your health and happiness. Between these covers, you’ll find tools that will help you savour the good times and roll with the punches when things don’t go to plan.
This is great as a notebook or journal, perfect for you to write your own thoughts, get a little creative with poetry or just writing down lists or ideas. 100 pages blank ruled journal ready for you to fill with your own writing and get a little creative every now and then.. 6" x 9" Paperback notebook, soft matte cover. 100 pages of high quality paper. It can be used as a journal, notebook or just a composition book. Great size to carry everywhere in your bag, for work, high school, college.... Perfect for gel pen, ink or pencils. It will make a great gift for any special occasion: Christmas, Secret Santa, Birthday...
Life is full of setbacks, big and small. We don't have control over life's challenges, but we can control how we deal with them. This collection from Kate James - successful coach, meditation teacher, speaker and writer - is full of easy to digest insights and exercises that will help you bounce back from unexpected challenges and changes, and will help you discover more about yourself and what will make you happy. It will boost your self-belief, get you motivated and help connect you with a more creative and inspired version of yourself. This collection includes the following from the Kate James series: Change How You Think and Be Happier Now Build Resilience and Free Yourself From Fear Believe in Yourself and Do What You Love Be Mindful and Simplify Your Life The perfect companion in stressful times, Be Mindful with Kate James provides the essential tools that will help you savour the good times and roll with the punches when things don't go to plan.
No matter who we are, or what stage of life we are at, we all long for similar things; to be happy, connected with others, in touch with a sense of calm and peace, vital, alive and joyful. And we long to be able to ride out the tough patches that hit all of us from time to time with some degree of grace and dignity. The good news is that we can fulfil these longings at any time, in any place. They are only a moment away, a breath away. We can learn how to be comfortable with our body, know and understand our mind, and love our heart. It isn't difficult, long-winded or time-consuming. In doing so you'll feel happier in your own skin, less stressed, more confident, more capable and more at ease with yourself and life. This is what Mindfulness for Women is about. It is a practical guide to coming home to yourself in each present moment. To finding the ledge behind the waterfall. To resting in the depths of the ocean rather than being tossed about by surface waves. Mindfulness is a potent antidote to anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability. It leads to a greater sense of contentment and can also reduce addictive and self-destructive behavioural patterns. This book will enable you to experience the benefits for yourself. It's not designed as a lengthy course but is solutions-based. It's fast - evidence shows that a little bit of mindfulness goes a long way. It's also bespoke - you can read all of it cover to cover, or simply dip in and out, depending on what you want to focus on. You can listen to whichever meditation track suits you at any given time and you can run tracks together if you want to meditate for longer periods. It's designed to suit your life and priorities now and well into the future.
Are you sick and tired of your day to day activities?Do you feel like you have too many emotional burdens that won't let you get on with your life? Is your mind in a constant debate with itself?If you answered yes to any of these three questions, then may I suggest you try a different approach to your problems? So, instead of bouncing back to "yourself" and react to any situation like you usually do, why don't you try something that is so different yet so effective, such as mindfulness?What mindfulness is, why it matters, and how it helps you fixing your life, you'll learn in this book. So, stop procrastinating now and get the book and start regaining control of your life.
Minimalism is for rich people who live in big, empty, white homes, right? Wrong. Minimalism can be a beautiful, enriching and life-transforming practice that, at its core, is all about re-establishing what holds value in your life and letting go of what does not. It's not about having your groceries displayed in glass jars or having chic, Scandinavian furniture - it's a way of life that allows us to strip away the clutter that stands in the way of us achieving our goals. Simplify Your Life is about exactly that: bringing simplicity back into your life, and with it, joy in the everyday. Dispelling the myths that minimalism is for either hardcore environmentalists or the privileged few, this book shows how minimalism is more relevant and necessary than ever, not least because it's the most accessible way to achieve a state of contentment in all aspects of life. Minimalism is for you if you want to: • stop mindlessly scrolling and start living with intention and purpose • spend more time on the things and people you love and less on what you "have to be/do" • take control of your finances and stop mindless spending • learn more about conscious consumption and reducing your waste • experience freedom and pride in your home instead of feeling trapped by your stuff Although minimalism is ostensibly about taking things away from our cluttered lives, it is really about adding richness, color, and meaning to our lives. It's about identifying the aspects of our life that we truly love and that nourish us. It's about trusting ourselves and leading the life we always wanted.
Love yourself. Love the planet. We are facing an urgent climate crisis and we must all take action now. However, it can be difficult to know where to start when bombarded with overwhelming facts and statistics every day. We all want to make a difference, but what can we do? Minimal makes simple and sustainable living attainable for everyone, using practical tips for all areas of everyday life to reduce your impact on the earth. Leading environmentalist Madeleine Olivia shares her insights on how to care for yourself in a more eco-friendly way, as well as how to introduce a mindful approach to your habits. This includes how to declutter your life, reduce your waste and consumption, recipes for eating seasonally and making your own natural beauty and cleaning products. Learn how to minimise the areas that aren’t giving you anything back and discover a happier and more fulfilled life, while looking after the Earth we share.

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