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Many young people on the autism spectrum struggle with anxiety, but did you know there are lots of simple things you can do to tackle it? This illustrated book will help you to identify what makes you anxious, and contains heaps of activities to calm your body and mind, stop unhealthy anxiety building up and head off anxious feelings in the future. Did you know that giving your anxiety a silly name (like Dr Dread!) will give you power over it? That pretending you are a jellyfish can make your body feel better? That writing your worries down and jumping on them as hard as you can will help to squash them? Ideal for children and young people aged 8 to 14, the ideas in this book will help you feel less stressed at home, at school and with friends, and give you healthy habits and coping techniques to last a lifetime.
Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you want to learn techniques for overcoming troubling thoughts and feelings of fear? Would you like lasting strategies to help you stay anxiety-free for good? This workbook uses one of the most effective methods for beating low mood and anxiety, cognitive behavioural therapy, in an interactive sense. It doesn't just tell you how to feel better, by using diagnostic tests, practical exercises, and thought challenges, it will show you how to feel better. The coverage includes all the major anxiety disorders - such as OCD, general anxiety disorder, panics and phobias, while the exercises and support throughout will give you a feeling of real progress. Helpful sections on living without anxiety will prevent future relapses, helping you to regain control of your life - for good.
Do you sometimes feel bogged down by anxiety? Do you feel like anxiety is your worst enemy holding you back from accomplishing anything or getting anything done? Then fear no more! Lewis Peale's book, Beating Anxiety, Your Worst Enemy shows you how to conquer your worst fears and defeat your enemy.In this book, you will learn- How to identify anxiety triggers- Coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety- How to stop letting anxiety control your thoughts and mindDon't live in fear any longer! Grab your copy of Beating Anxiety, Your Worst Enemy today and show fear who's the boss.
Anxiety: A Practical Guide to Beating Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Shyness & Worry This book contains three manuscripts to ensure you overcome anxiety for good: Squash Anxiety, Overcome Anxiety & Rewire Your Brain Using Neuroscience Squash Anxiety! 30 Days to a Life Free from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Worry, and Shyness If you or someone you know are coping with feelings of anxiety, this book can provide you with a list of ideas to possibly ease some of your daily fears and worries. Though stressors of life are constant and some mild form of anxiety plagues us all, it is best to identify those fears and work to alleviate them. This book provides ideas for new tasks coupled with scientific data that you can perform in your daily life to see if it helps relieve your feelings of anxiety. Overcome Anxiety Break Free from The Beast Within! In many instances, dealing with anxiety on your own leads to negative habits which need to be cleansed with positive alternatives before they can leave you for good. This can be difficult, however, as many of the habits for dealing with anxiety are likely extremely entrenched which means only a concentrated effort would be enough to remove them. This is where Overcome Anxiety: Break Free from The Beast Within!, as it offers you a 30-day actionable plan designed to help you kick your negative habits to the curb once and for all. To that end, it has been written to discuss everything you need to know in order to give your anxiety the boot regardless if you are dealing with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and even phobias. You will learn practical exercises you can deploy at the moment when your anxiety is flaring up, as well as more long-term approaches that will make your issues easier to deal with on a daily basis. As long as you give each day's suggestion a try you are bound to find plenty that work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Take control of your anxiety once and for all and buy this book today! Anxiety: Rewire Your Brain Using Neuroscience to Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Worry, and Shyness Use developments in neuroscience to rewire your brain and free yourself from the chains of anxiety, shyness, and panic attacks. If anxiety dictates the way you live your life and you are ready to make a change and take charge of your life, this book will help you overcome anxiety. The mysteries of the brain are something that continues to be invested and researched to find and define notable behavior, both positive and negative. This book explains: How does the amygdala work? What is the role of the cerebral cortex in your personality? How does the brain and the processes in the brain work together on negativity? What can be done to rewire the brain and change old, bad habits into healthier, more positive approaches like diet, medication, supplements, therapy, journaling, meditation, self-awareness, and more? The best step in getting better is that first, brave step that you take to define and seek help.
Anxiety feels like living life 'on guard'. Learn how to let your guard down and gain more fulfilment from your life without being held back by anxiety. The simplest way to overcome anxiety, if you want the cure-all is really just to get out of your comfort zone over and over and over again, because when we get out of that comfort zone, it literally becomes impossible to stay anxious. The irony, the conundrum here is that when we're feeling anxious, getting out of a comfort zone is actually a lot more difficult than what it ordinarily would be and it ordinarily is difficult. The problem is with acute and chronic anxiety, just the littlest tiny things sometimes can trigger yourself. These little relatively insignificant things that would ordinarily have little or no impact on us can hit us a lot harder when we're feeling anxious. As a result, that process of getting out of that comfort zone is just much more complicated and much more challenging than it ordinarily would be. It's a bit like trying to do exercise or do something physical when you're severely sunburned. When you're severely sunburned, even the process of trying to go to sleep at night can be excruciatingly painful because every toss and turn, as you're rolling over in your sleep, you feel the sheets rubbing across your skin and it's painful. Whereas ordinarily, you wouldn't notice that at all. Now, that red raw, sort of extra sensitivity and emotional pain could probably quite simply be healed purely for the power of connecting with people. If you've got good friendships, good relationships, if you've got people around you that you can feel a strong sense of connectedness to, well that alone would probably offer a fairly simple solution to help you recover through your anxieties. The problem is, again, is that irony. There's that conundrum, the catch-22, which is that with chronic and acute anxiety, the process of feeling connected to people becomes inhibited. In other words, it's a lot more difficult to feel connected to people when you're anxious. There's a couple of reasons for that by the way and I will be sharing a whole bunch of them with you in this new eBook. Whether you are suffering from some major 'acute' anxiety right now, or you have suffered from anxiety attacks and chronic anxiety for some time the cure is the same, it just takes a little more practice getting out of your comfort zone when you have been doing stress and anxiety for such a long time. Nevertheless don't stress because this book contains all the tips, tricks and mind hacks you are going to need to begin you anxiety free life!
Are You Ready To Say Goodbye to Your Anxiety, Worry, and Panic for Good? This Book Will Reveal How... This is a guide to help you understand the symptoms of being over anxious, and then goes on to help you tackle the condition of an anxiety attack. Better still, it shows you how to recognize an imminent anxiety attack, and deal with it in simple steps. I don’t wish to complicate your life further, just to make it easier. The purpose of this book is to give you the tools to reinvent your life and yourself. No… You are not going to become a god, but I can tell you this: if you take the principles in this book serious you will see a change in your anxiety levels and outlook towards life in general. You will have become a warrior of peace. You Need This Vital Information To Eliminate Anxiety And Depression From Your Life.
Suffering from Anxiety, Panic Attacks or Depression? Learn from the Former Patient the tools and tricks you need to turn your life around and gain control over your disorder. Discover the top 20 techniques anyone can use immediately to prevent an imminent panic attack from ever happening. Build your stress resistance armor by exploring better ways of dealing with the 50 of the most stressful situations in our lives. Learn by example from someone who has been in your shoes and knows how you feel. Stop living your life as a reaction to your anxious fears.

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