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The founder of and a beauty writer team up to explain how to select the best style to suit the four basic face shapes and the five brow shapes, discussing such topics as plucking, waxing, trimming, stenciling, darkening and lightening the brows, different looks for varied occasions, and more. Original. 15,000 first printing.
Give yourself a real extreme makeover from the inside out! Is all the stress of taking care of your family, home, and work starting to show on your face? Is your waistline increasing while your energy and patience levels decrease? Are you ready to make a change but aren’t sure how to do it? A Beautiful New You is about more than getting the right haircut or dressing to look ten pounds thinner. A former model turned beauty expert who rescued herself from being overweight, frumpy, and tired all the time, Laura DuPriest is a source of invaluable advice for anyone who wants to improve herself, just as she did—without cosmetic surgery! She knows firsthand what it’s like to let yourself (and your appearance) get lost in the grind of daily life. In her hand-holding inspirational guide, Laura reaches out to women just like you who are ready to reconnect with the person they truly want to be. For years Laura has made it her mission, through her salon and weekly TV makeovers, to help hundreds of women who know the pressures of today’s fast-paced life and have little time and energy to devote to their own well-being, but want to look and feel better. Included in A Beautiful New You are the heartwarming stories from women whom Laura has helped, along with their astonishing before and after makeover photos. Just like these women who have embraced Laura’s six-step program, you too can feel empowered to change and improve every aspect of your life and become a beautiful new you. •Does your exterior show that you take pride in yourself? Your self-esteem is communicated to others through your appearance. •Come up with a dream look by collecting photos from magazines that will help you stay focused on the new you. Keep a journal of your moods and thoughts to recognize just what is holding you back and what is keeping you going. •Create a simple makeup routine, allow time for exercise, and go to bed earlier—the time you spend on yourself will benefit everyone around you. • Give yourself permission to be the best version of yourself: happy, confident, and proud. Treat yourself with the same care and kindness as you give to others around you.You deserve to look and feel beautiful! Laura shows you how to reclaim your beauty—both inner and outer. Each step features real-life makeovers and moving personal stories of women who have transformed their appearance—and discovered a whole new positive attitude in the process. Stop wasting time making excuses—let A Beautiful New You help you bring out your best. From the Trade Paperback edition.
This easy-to-follow guide shows how you can achieve that flawless and pretty look, but stay natural and real at the same time. This book will show you how to: * Look after your skin so that it looks healthy and beautiful. * Apply your foundation perfectly to contour your face. * Emphasise your eyes for a natural or a smokey evening look. * Choose your lip colour and apply your lipstick. * Match your make-up to your prom dress or party clothes. * It also includes make-up tips and must-haves for your handbag. / Author Emily says: I have written this book to teach you the art of applying perfect makeup, and to help you create the right look for you, your skin and most importantly your age.
Presented as a textbook and workbook in one, How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow is the definitive source for teaching students and beauty professionals basic and advanced techniques for enhancing and perfecting any set of eyebrows. It features basic and advanced methods of measuring to properly place an eyebrow, including essential information regarding eye set, arch placement, beginning point, ending point, long-standing rules and corrective techniques. More than 100 photographs and other artwork, as well as quizzes, charts and a final test serve as excellent learning aides and promote better retention. The author has used her many years of experience to present a learning tool that will be invaluable in increasing client satisfaction and profits.
"Failure to thrive" is not a phrase in this doctor's vocabulary. At the age of four, Anne McTiernan is left by her mother at a boarding school. Overcome by sadness from the neglect she experiences there, Anne emotionally and physically starves. A doctor, appalled by her excessive weight loss, forces Anne’s mother to bring her home, but she is still not safe. Set in working-class, Irish-American Boston of the 1950s–1960s, Anne transitions from a malnourished state to obesity to obsessive dieting. Without love and support from her family, Anne decides she must take full responsibility for her own life during her last eighteen months as a minor. Today as a doctor and researcher, Anne has helped thousands of women improve their relationship with food—but this is not their story. Starved is the gripping tale of how Anne used hard work, undaunted intelligence, and persistence to turn the adversity she encountered as a child into a strength and set of skills that would later help her meet the demands of her career. ANNE McTIERNAN, MD, PhD, conducts research on the effects of diet, exercise, and weight loss on cancer and health. Currently, she is a professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington Schools of Public Health and Medicine in Seattle, Washington.
The book provides lots of great information on beauty, health, diet, exercise, problem skin, ageing, corrective make up and hair care that is well organized into different sections. The way the various parts and sections are presented makes the information easy to understand and follow. A. Reejhsinghani provides a detailed table of information on home made cosmetics from natural ingredients, where she describes each type, the positives and negatives as well as a 7-day diet plan to gain or lose weight. The book has a host of great facts and details that can be referred to for years to come. In short, the information that is presented will age well. Every woman has the potential to look good and feel great well into the middle age and beyond. Author A.Reejhsinghani tries to provide an easy way to realize that potential. This book combines her own expertise with age-old tips, in a well-rounded approach to shedding both the inner and outer signs of aging. This book has all the answers to looking younger, feeling younger and acting younger with different workshops that include slimming plans, exercises, makeup, beauty tips etc.
Like Mexico itself, the McNab family story tells of a rich mix of culturesFrench, Scottish, Zapotec. The Thistle and the Rose captures that complexity, providing a unique lens through which to view a magnificent, complicated country during critical years of change. In The Thistle and the Rose, author Catherine Nixon Cooke narrates the story of John George McNab, a handsome Scotsman, and Guadalupe Fuentes Nivon McNab, a beautiful Oaxacan, and how they fell in love against the impossible challenge of building the famous Tehuantepec Railroad across the malaria-ridden isthmus of Mexico. Cooke weaves a rich tapestry using multiple threadsresearch by renowned Latin American scholar Teresa Van Hoy, documents and photographs found in the Pearson Archive in the United Kingdom, rare Mexican historic texts, personal interviews, family letters, diaries, photographs, and genealogical data from The author provides a sense of the rough-and-tumble country in early twentieth-century Mexico and the danger and challenge of building a link between the two oceans. She gives further insight into the McNab familys role in shaping Mexicos oil and transportation infrastructure. A story about love and courage in revolutionary Mexico, The Thistle and the Rose narrates the journey of self-discovery for a family that dared to embark on this quest.

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