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With Wizard of Oz metaphors and new graphic organizers, illustrations, and sidebars, this revision helps teachers translate current research on learning, memory, and the brain into effective classroom practice.
Using evidence-based strategies, this inspiring handbook provides principals and teachers with a catalog of practiced "moves," or actions that upgrade performance, create durable motivation, and renew energy levels.
"Each book in the series is organized around four activitiy-based sections: Relationships, Organization, Assessment, and Reliables (R.O.A.R.). The authors show how to build successful and respectful relationships, establish a safe and organized environment, involve students in their own assessment, and use tried-and-true activities (reliables) to keep students engaged in the classroom. The authors' best ideas are presented in two 3-book sets - three for primary teachers and three for intermediate teachers: * Practical Ideas to Start Up the Year: for when you are just getting to know your students * Practical Ideas to Spark Up the Year: for the middle of the year when you need to get yourselves and your students "fired up" * Practical Ideas to Wrap Up the Year: for the end of the year when you are wrapping things up."--Publisher's website (
What is humor exactly? How do you use it to maximize learning? If it is so important, why is it rarely mentioned in teacher preparation without some clues for finding and using it? The purpose of this book is to affirm, sustain, and encourage educators in the practice of humor not only as a personal tool to optimize a healthy lifestyle, but to maximize the benefits of humor in education. These benefits include current research-based data on the use of humor to nurture creativity, to increase the capacity for memory retention, to support an optimal learning environment and to build safe communities that reflect the relational trust necessary for collaborative learning. An environment of fun is an indicator of a culture of trust. Each chapter of this book includes a study group format and powerful practice ideas for leaders. These tools can facilitate creative data analysis for educational leaders interested in understanding the relatively new field of positive psychology and how it can contribute to a joyful learning environment that promotes collaborative relationships.
This classic "must have" is NDA's most popular publication. Includes locomotor/nonlocomotor movement, assessment, and interdisciplinary topics.
Relationships have always been an integral component of teaching and learning. In today's diverse school settings, it is critical to build healthy connections with students, parents, coworkers, and community members. Improving Teaching and Learning provides educators with the necessary tools to meet this need. Developing a better "relationship quotient" will not only empower teachers to become exceptional educators, but it will also allow them to serve as positive role models for the next generation of culturally competent citizens. Features Include: -A balanced mix of current theory -Practical applicable tips and techniques -Stories about real educational situations -A "Classroom Conundrum" at the end of each chapter to aide in application of key concepts -A "Multicultural Matters" component for each chapter allowing readers to think about issues of diversity and apply them in their own school settings Teachers will quickly discover that young people can improve communication, cultivate cultural understanding, and connect within the diverse community that surrounds them. In addition, by honing the simple, yet strategic skills detailed in this book, educators will experience more successful and satisfying lives--both personally and professionally!

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