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Time is central to all that humans do. Time structures days, provides goals, shapes dreams--and limits lives. Time appears to be tangible, real, and progressive, but, in the end, time proves illusory. Though mercurial, time can be deadly for those with disabilities. To participate fully in human society has come to mean yielding to the criterion of the clock. The absence of thinking rapidly, living punctually, and biographical narration leaves persons with disabilities vulnerable. A worldview driven by the demands the clock makes on the lives of those with dementia or profound neurological and intellectual disabilities seems pointless. And yet, Jesus comes to the world to transform time. Jesus calls us to slow down, take time, and learn to recognize the strangeness of living within God's time. He calls us to be gentle, patient, kind; to walk slowly and timefully with those whom society desires to leave behind. In Becoming Friends of Time, John Swinton crafts a theology of time that draws us toward a perspective wherein time is a gift and a calling. Time is not a commodity nor is time to be mastered. Time is a gift of God to humans, but is also a gift given back to God by humans. Swinton wrestles with critical questions that emerge from theological reflection on time and disability: rethinking doctrine for those who can never grasp Jesus with their intellects; reimagining discipleship and vocation for those who have forgotten who Jesus is; reconsidering salvation for those who, due to neurological damage, can be one person at one time and then be someone else in an instant. In the end, Swinton invites the reader to spend time with the experiences of people with profound neurological disability, people who can change our perceptions of time, enable us to grasp the fruitful rhythms of God's time, and help us learn to live in ways that are unimaginable within the boundaries of the time of the clock.
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How do Christians understand friendship and intimacy? How does worship form Christians into a community of the friends of God? What virtues does God call us to incorporate into our lives? In Becoming Friends, Paul Wadell explores the connections between worship, justice, friendship, and the life we are called to live. This engaging and accessible book offers a fresh viewpoint from which to explore the nature of Christian friendship. Such friendship, Wadell contends, is more than a bonding of people with similar interests, a "ritual of hopeless consolation." True Christian friendship summons us to love all of our neighbors. Wadell examines obstacles to and characteristics of true friendship and, drawing from the works of Augustine, Aelred of Rievaulx, and other Christian exemplars, contends that we are called to serve God through friendship and that this calling requires us to cultivate certain virtues--especially hope, justice, and forgiveness. Becoming Friends offers a provocative look into the nature and importance of true Christian friendship. Anyone looking to reflect on the indispensable role of good friendships in the Christian life will find this a hopeful and encouraging book.
A Devotional Invitation to Intimacy With God A well-respected pastor and leader in Christian circles, Leith Anderson heads up an active congregation and is deeply involved both in the community and in ministry associations. Becoming Friends With God offers a realistic look at who God is and how everyday people can learn to draw closer to God by learning about Him. Featuring short chapters designed for devotional reading, Becoming Friends With God invites readers to look at the nature of a Christian's relationship with God, examine Scripture, and discover what it means to be a friend to the Almighty. Focusing on areas like communion with God, communication, believer's responsibilities, and what makes the perfect friend, the book challenges readers to forge a new relationship with God.
With a compelling childs voice, Greenleaf traces her familys move from a small town in Upstate New York to her grandfathers farm in rural New Hampshire in the 1940s, before mass media had homogenized regional accents and customs. The child experiences this transition with some sadness and rebellion. For the family, it meant going back to the times before electricity and central heating and becoming subsistence farmers. Later, after leaving the farm, like pioneers, they cleared land and built a house. Family adventures and conflicts shape both life and story for the child in this gem of a memoir.
What does it mean to be an individual and how can an individual exist within society? Serious Leisure and Individuality examines the circumstances in the modern world that make for individual distinctiveness, and the role of these conditions in personal and social life. "The individual," said Friedrich Nietzsche, "has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." Elie Cohen-Gewerc and Robert Stebbins explore the road to finding that privilege. They approach individuality by examining its relationship to freedom and being free, and by defining and elaborating on the concept of leisure space. They also look at individuality's place in community, citizenship, and globalization. The complex relationship between individuality and alienation is put under the microscope to highlight the negative side of being distinctive, which has adverse consequences for the individual and society. There are many studies on the modern individual that centre almost entirely on the person facing his local community and broader society. What is missing in the literature - and what Serious Leisure and Individuality provides - is a broad, comprehensive examination of individuality, particularly as it is rooted in leisure and the leisure-like areas of work.
Like an underground river, the monastic tradition keeps on resurging in a host of unexpected times and places. Secular Monasticism, A Journey describes one of its most recent incarnations. The founders and members of the Lindisfarne Community share with us their bold attempt to be a secular monastic religious order open to the exigencies of the contemporary world. Age-old wisdom once again reveals its perennial relevance in helping us learn how to be followers of Christ in Gods today. Brother John, Taiz In the first five pages, I thought of ten people I know who should read this book: young people, old people, all people tired of taken-for-granted spirituality. Devour this book. Let it help you dream up a way of joining or creating a micro-community of prayer and action that frees you to experiment in following the ways of Christ. Thats what these folks have done. This story helps us imagine ourselves out of the boxes and buildings Christianity has become. The Rev. Dr. Dori Baker, Scholar-in-Residence, The Fund for Theological Education Lindisfarne Community has graciously accepted Gods call to dance with the radical (and sometimes wearying) changes of our time. Like the Celts, they find meaning in their ongoing spiritual evolution through poetry and story, through a willingness to navigate the waters of the soul while remaining fiercely loyal to the good earth that bore us and nurtures us. Like the Celts, this family of secular monastics hungers more for mystical union with the Divine Mystery than for any trappings of earthly renown or success. Carl McColman, author and blogger (from the foreword)
For Neil Schiller, it is a moment that will forever be etched in his memory -- that first tantalizing glimpse of sparkling Donna Siegel at a high school dance. So taken is he with the chestnut-haired beauty, that Neil is able to overcome his gawky adolescent shyness to claim the first girl he ever wanted. Despite their very different natures, they are nevertheless drawn to each other with the irresistible sweetness and aching tenderness of first love. As they both embark on the challenge of leaving the comfort of their Long Island community to separately begin their college educations, they make an ardent commitment to one another. And, for a while, they manage to nurture their promise N but time, distance and new experiences begin to stretch the bond that ties them to the breaking point. Years later they meet again in New York City. Donna is now a young society matron with a glamorous career, and Neil is a neurology resident at a Manhattan hospital. Their friendship renewed, when Donna must confront the ultimate test of courage, it is not her husband to whom she turns to for help and support, but her most steadfast and beloved friend -- the man she betrayed in the past. In this sensitive and insightful portrait of a relationship, Allan L. Rothman has created unforgettable characters in a story that compels us to wonder about the paths not taken in our own lives.
Lizbeth's husband has died and now she begins an unusual journey. Is too much money a problem. Can she go to Jamaica again and live a simple life with a poor man she once loved. A powerful meditation on what it means to share.
Nothing but time on her hands... An awkward first date with a quantum physicist ends not with a goodnight kiss but a science experiment gone wrong that send them both hurling back in time. Stranded in the past with only a fading hope that she’ll ever make it home, Kate takes a job as a maid to pass the time and ends up with more than she bargained for. Brandon Ryder, the Earl of Harrowby, is a far cry from any man the 21st century had ever produced. He’s commanding, austere, aristocratic, true, but he’s also smart, caring, funny and … magnificent. To Kate, who’d never imagined all those qualities could exist in a single man, his appeal is undeniable. Irresistible. Nothing but time can tear them apart Brand has spent a lifetime bound by the rules of Society and one of those rules is that a gentleman doesn’t trifle with the help. However, Kate Kallastad is no ordinary employee. His lovely new maid challenges him at every turn, astounding him with her forthright manner, plain speech and by her astonishing audacity to treat him not as an Earl of the realm... but as a mere mortal man. Tragedy forces Kate to make a decision that impacts both of their lives. When the time comes for Brand to make a choice of his own, where will time and love lead him?
Historic fiction based on the true story of a love that influenced three generations of women in three countries and two world wars. Finally, in the third generation, Maria-Karolina's grand-daughter went in search of the key to unlock the door to what had been and to what could be. Even then, she had to find her courage to start over again and reclaim a promise of love which had haunted her own life.

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