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The first detailed exegetical treatment of Paul’s letters from the emerging discipline of missional hermeneutics, Michael Gorman’s Becoming the Gospel argues that Paul’s letters invite Christian communities both then and now to not merely believe the gospel but to become the gospel and, in doing so, to participate in the life and mission of God. Showing that Pauline churches were active public participants in and witnesses to the gospel, Gorman reveals the missional significance of various themes in Paul’s letters. He also identifies select contemporary examples of mission in the spirit of Paul, inviting all Christians to practice Paul-inspired imagination in their own contexts.
'Becoming Children of God' offers a fresh and original commentary on the Gospel of John as a narrative inviting readers -- both in the evangelist's time and our own -- to a radical commitment to follow Jesus from within a spirit-filled community. This reading is grounded in a "poetics of biblical narrative" that balances attention to historical, ideological, and aesthetic aspects of John's Gospel while highlighting its relevance for today. By committing himself to a close analysis of the text as "symbolic action" Howard-Brook makes it clear how John's Gospel fairly bristles with references to societal conditions that demand a direct response. Throughout the commentary, his close attention to literary structure as well as social background yields new insights into the often-obscure message of the Fourth Gospel.
The world’s most passionate, effective evangelists are right in your youth ministry! No one can top your students in effectively introducing their friends and family to Christ. And now is the time to help them learn how. Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition ZondervanGroupware is designed with both you and your students in mind. Included is everything you’ll need to help students discover and develop their unique evangelism styles. Based on the proven Becoming a Contagious Christian ZondervanGroupware developed at Willow Creek Community Church, Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition includes an Evangelistic Styles Assessment; activities for individuals, partners, and small groups; and video dramas that model and bring to life the evangelistic skills students can use every day—with powerful results. Revised and expanded by one of America’s foremost youth ministers and teachers, Bo Boshers, this exciting, highly interactive approach addresses the specific needs and challenges of students--in language they can relate to. Students will learn how to: * be intentional in developing relationships * transition an ordinary conversation to a spiritual conversation * tell in plain language their personal story of meeting Christ * share the gospel message using two illustrations * answer ten common objections to Christianity * pray with a friend to receive Christ This course is flexible so you can teach it in several different formats: eight 60-minute sessions, four 3-hour sessions, or one- to three-day retreats. Content, leader’s notes, and media and activity instructions are clearly laid out and easy to follow. You’ll also find: 'Heart Check'--a brief devotional at the beginning of each session written specifically for you, the leader 'Get Connected'--notes to help you get inside the hearts and minds of students 'Going Deeper'--optional activities you can use to give students a more in-depth understanding of the materialDrawing on the expertise of some of today’s foremost leaders in evangelism and student ministry, this powerful program will equip you to train your students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they’ll need to become truly contagious in reaching their friends for Christ.Becoming a Contagious Christian Youth Edition ZondervanGroupware kit includes: One 60-minute segmented video Student’s Guide Leader’s Guide PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROMAll but PowerPoint
When you passionately read the Bible and pursue God’s Word, you uncover the truths, encouragements, and exciting revelations God has for your heart. Join loved teacher and bestselling author Karol Ladd as she shares fresh ways to embrace Scripture and its ability to empower you. Learn to: read the Bible with new eyes; glean insights to build your confidence; discern and delight in God’s plans and hopes; rest in the Lord’s promises during life’s storms; and meditate on and pray verses for all of life’s needs. Whether you’re new to reading the Bible or have studied it for years, this is an exciting, one-of-a-kind quest for wisdom, joy, and peace—God’s gifts that will adorn and transform your heart.
Two vital questions for believers in every age are, “How can we truly know Jesus?” and “How can we better follow Him?” This is what discipleship, anciently and today, is all about. Of the four Gospels, the Gospel of John uniquely highlights the theme of discipleship, focusing not only on the Twelve but also on believers of all backgrounds and stations whose stories cannot be found anywhere else in the Bible. Professor of ancient scripture Eric Huntsman uses these unlikely models of discipleship to draw parallels to modern discipleship. Learn from the figures in the Gospel of John, including • Nicodemus and the challenges of different kinds of faith • The Woman at the Well and embracing those who are different • Mary Magdalene and learning from “women who know” • The friends of Jesus and moving from loss to abundant life in Christ • Christ’s impulsive but devoted disciples • Followers of Jesus and struggling to accept “hard sayings” While these varied characters confirm that there are many ways to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, in the end, all disciples are united by love for our Savior, our willingness to follow him, and testimonies of his atoning sacrifice and glorious resurrection.

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