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Terms such as "expanding Universe", "big bang", and "initial singularity", are nowadays part of our common language. The idea that the Universe we observe today originated from an enormous explosion (big bang) is now well known and widely accepted, at all levels, in modern popular culture. But what happens to the Universe before the big bang? And would it make any sense at all to ask such a question? In fact, recent progress in theoretical physics, and in particular in String Theory, suggests answers to the above questions, providing us with mathematical tools able in principle to reconstruct the history of the Universe even for times before the big bang. In the emerging cosmological scenario the Universe, at the epoch of the big bang, instead of being a "new born baby" was actually a rather "aged" creature in the middle of its possibly infinitely enduring evolution. The aim of this book is to convey this picture in non-technical language accessibile also to non-specialists. The author, himself a leading cosmologist, draws attention to ongoing and future observations that might reveal relics of an era before the big bang.
According to a recent survey, the most popular question about science from the general public was: what came before the Big Bang? We all know on some level what the Big Bang is, but we don't know how it became the accepted theory, or how we might know what came before. In Before the Big Bang, Brian Clegg (the critically acclaimed author of Upgrade Me and The God Effect) explores the history of this remarkable concept. From the earliest creation myths, through Hershel's realization that the Milky Way was one of many galaxies, to on-going debates about Black Holes, this is an incredible look at the origins of the universe and the many theories that led to the acceptance of the Big Bang. But in classic scientist fashion Clegg challenges the notion of the "Big Bang" itself, and raises the deep philosophical question of why we might want to rethink the origin of the universe. This is popular science at its best, exploratory, controversial, and utterly engrossing.
What is the origin of the universe? What was there before the universe appeared? We are currently witnessing a second Copernican revolution: neither our Earth and Sun, nor our galaxy, nor even our universe, are the end of all things. Beyond our world, in an endless multiverse, are innumerable other universes, coming and going, like ours or different. Fourteen billion years ago, one of the many bubbles constantly appearing and vanishing in the multiverse exploded to form our universe. The energy liberated in the explosion provided the basis for all the matter our universe now contains. But how could this hot, primordial plasma eventually produce the complex structure of our present world? Does not order eventually always lead to disorder, to an increase of entropy? Modern cosmology is beginning to find out how it all came about and where it all might lead. Before Time Began tells that story.
God the Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit existed forever past & they had no beginning. All Christians know that. But a long, long, long time ago approximately 100 billion yrs ago, God & Jesus created Christians. First He created the good Angels. He created billions of Angels & divided them into their own nations. (Isaiah 13:3-5). Then Jesus created human beings, the Adamic nations. When we were created we just woke up into consciousness & Jesus gave each of us a secret name that no one else will know, but Jesus and you. ( Rev 2:17). All the nations loved each other & we lived among our big brothers and sisters the Angels. After about a few billion years of peace & love Jesus decided to spice up our lives. People have always told me that there is nothing to do in heaven except play harps. So Jesus decided to spice up our lives . He asked us if we wanted to go to war? War was a new concept & game that we never played before. Now wait a minute- you ask where did I get the info. that we lived a 100 billion years ago? The Holy Spirit pieced it together for me. First lets look at certain verses in the Bible that point to us existing before the Big Bang. The first clue is John 17:5, 24, (17:5 Jn" And now, O Father, glorify thou Me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was." 17:24 " Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given Me, be with Me where I am; that they may behold My glory, which thou hast given Me: for thou lovedst Me before the foundation of the world." Jn 17:5 says Jesus had a " glory" before the foundation of the world, before the Big Bang. A "glory" is a kingdom. So He must have had subjects. Now the second clue- Job 38:4 " Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding" God asked St. Job a question that got me wondering- Where were we? Well there are 2 answers- we didn''t exist or we existed. Now Jesus has always been a King & every King has subjects. Who were Christ''s subjects before the Big Bang? You could say Christians or no one. We know Lucifer & his angels were created after the Big Bang- before Christians- right? Wrong, we Christians were created before Lucifer & his angels. Job 18:20 says so. " They that come after him shall be astonied at his day, as they that went before were affrighted." Actually it goes like this in context. Job 18:5 " Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, & the spark of his fire shall not shine." Job 18:20 " They that come after him shall be astonied at his day, as they that went before were affrighted." From verse 5 to 20 we see the context. Lets examine verse 20 " They that come after the wicked shall be astonished." So that means that one day the wicked shall cease to exist & good people will exist after them. Why were they astonished? Because after the collapse of the universe God burned them forever. Now lets go back & look at the other half of the sentence. "they that existed before the wicked were affrighted". So people existed before the wicked were created & when God told them He was going to create wicked people & burn them forever - we the Christians in Christ''s kingdom were "affrighted". So we have people affrighted before the wicked were created & you have people astonished after God burned the wicked in the fire forever. That means we the good existed before Satan & his angels (the wicked) were created & God gives us the hint in St. Job''s question of asking- where were you before the Big Bang. Answer- we existed before the Big bang as Christ''s subjects. Jn 17:5 "And now, O Father glorify thou Me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was". Jesus had a "glory" before the Big Bang. St. Job''s question is now answered (Job 38:4) and we existed first to be "AFFRIGHTED". (Job 18:20) {Hab. 3:13 says Satan''s head was "wounded" when he found out of life before him.} Hab. 3:13 prophesy is fulfilled.{Jn 17:5, Job 18:20 is undeniable-We were "affrighted".}
The pages of Aryonna Bella's life fell like autumn leaves preparing for winter's chilly blast and life's unrelenting storms. Naked and obscured, she toiled through the seasons of sexual, racial, and societal revolution, refusing to become a statistic. In her book, The Child in Me, Alone Inside My Sanity, Aryonna takes you on a journey to the back roads of yesteryears, down a rarely forged and forbidden path of insanity. The Vietnam War came and went. She remembers the assassinations of John, Martin and Bobby; LSD, food stamps, abortions down back alleys and the demented song, "He's Coming to Take Me Away", hits the Top 10. Illusions and chaos that flooded the nation around her only book marked what was going on inside her hidden world. Unresolved, suppressed misery brought forth future sorrow in the life of a child who mentally stop growing beyond the moments of unjustified trauma. Now on the other side, she emerges into the spring time of her existence, transformed from her life of abuse, abandonment, self-pity and self destruction to become a woman, a wife, a mother, an a queen who dares to sit and rule in the soundness of mental vigor! She chronicles her path of healing and recovery in an insightful and creative manner allowing the reader to take a seldom experienced journey into the heart and mind of the mentally ill who refuse to stay that way. She drives your reason and intellect to new levels of emotional involvement, challenging you to feel with your soul without judging with heartless minds. Travel with her through the seasons of life, love and death and ponder the path of those who have fallen but manage through significant odds to get back up and live . . . survive . . . and thrive.
Mission X was created after the coma and near-death experience of journalist and author Uwe H. Sueltz. Without the quick action of his partner Renate Sueltz he would have died. More science fiction short stories have been slumbering in the minds of the author team for decades. About the writing team: Renate Sueltz writes children's books, poetry, cookbooks, short novels and short stories. Renate Sueltz was among others. employed in an advertising agency. There she was responsible for poster designs, as well as web design. She also worked in nursing and was trained here. She was responsible for patient care and support, as well as team organization and leadership. Uwe H. Sültz also writes under different pseudonyms. The list of all genres and subgenres is long. To show that one can make a difference with diligent work, Sültz invested in a dilapidated and run-down doctor's practice, managed it and led the laboratory. He returned the doctor's practice after a short, intensive time in the profit zone and saved so many jobs. He has also worked freelance for a TV station (accreditation). His journalistic contributions included the following Topics: - Art and culture - Car & Traffic - Sports & Entertainment - Nature & Travel - Science and research - Politics & Current Affairs - Business & Management

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