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If you put the insights in this book into motion, you will love what you do as a wellness advocate, and unquestionably you will become successful and significant.But the greatest payoff is this: You will be changed. You will discover that the path to financial freedom lies not in selling but in sharing, and that living your dream begins when you start helping other people live theirs. You will trade the mindset of a SELLfish(tm) for the lifestyle of a STARfish(tm)-and for you and many, many others, that transformation will have an impact beyond anything you can imagine.The road to success is mapped out for you clearly in these pages. It's no secret-not anymore. You're about to discover* The vital link between action and purpose* How to "control the controllables"* How you can remove the pressure so that people love buying from you* The all-important Share Cycle(tm) and how to master its 10 indispensable steps* Proven, no-pressure ways to defuse customer challenges* And much more
Do you sometimes ask yourself where your money goes? With our Daily Spending Log Book, we'd make it easier for you to start tracking your daily expenses and keep your budget up to date with this perfect tool to experience the overall concept and understand how day-to-day spending happens, whether for business, personal finance bookkeeping, budgeting or money management. Figure out where you stand with your daily expenses and change the way you think and behave about spending. Besides being able to explain how your paycheck flies out the door, you'll also see if you are spending on what's important.
A U.S. naval base is hidden among the few hundred islands of the Bahamas. Base Commander Jason Roberts relies on an old friends son, Lieutenant Billy Anderson, for answers to their incredible discovery. Andersons research team tries to locate, track, and calculate the alien crafts final underwater destination. Tracking the craft had been difficult until Andersons team installed upgrades to their current technology. Depth of the ocean offshore from the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center added to the difficulty in acquiring and tracking of the unidentified craft. The terminal flight of Starfish is salvaged under the cloak of darkness by the USS Grapple. The transfer of the craft to the base had to be conducted underwater, preventing Russian satellite coverage from viewing their newly acquired treasure. Lieutenant Anderson leads his team to complete the salvage operation, dissecting its technology. During the initial inspection of the alien ship, he found something that would change his life and career path. Why a deceptive colleague revealing secret technology to the Russians may change industries on Earth. Could he be caught? What meaning could the artifact found on the lunar surface have? What secret would lead to murder on the ISS? How could a murder look like an accident and be kept secret? The lunar mining facility is now operational. The interim docking facility can now handle the transfer of lunar materials back to Earth. Expansion for further mining and exploration outweighs the cost of supporting the aging ISS.
“Elise” is the story about Ryan Edwards, the star high school quarterback. Ryan travels from being his own worst enemy to becoming his own best friend. Struggling with low self-esteem, Ryan was never good enough in his own mind despite his accomplishments. Ryan discovers genuine self-acceptance and self-appreciation through an unlikely guide—Elise Matthews, his attractive and accomplished music teacher. Through Elise’s lessons and coaching, Ryan develops into an Emotional Athlete, learning Emotional Fitness routines of unconditional self-acceptance from The Playbook.
An alien starfish and a human man must learn to live in each other’s bodies in Piers Anthony’s ingenious sequel to the science fiction gem Aliena Along with fellow members of her sapient starfish race, Aliena traveled many light-years to Earth. There, in the host body of a human woman, the inquisitive extraterrestrial learned how to exist as a member of this perplexing earthborn race. Now Piers Anthony, the New York Times–bestselling maestro of science fiction and fantasy, continues the story in Aliena Too, as the males of two markedly different species must somehow adapt to one another. Lida Fisher knows that her beloved husband, Quincy, will die soon as the result of a rare and terrible brain rejection syndrome. But there is one hope. If Quincy consents to switch brains with one of the alien beings that have arrived from the other side of the galaxy, he will live on—albeit in the body of a starfish. And that means Lida must agree to let a new man into her life and her bed, one with the face and body of her adored husband but with the mind of an alien stranger. More difficult still, Lida must somehow teach this star man how to love. And many miles above the earth, Quincy also will have to make extreme adjustments to a body and an existence he never dreamed would be his. But luckily, both Fishers will have someone to guide them through the perils, pitfalls, and traumas that must invariably accompany their strange new reality—a truly remarkable creature who has already been there and back again: Aliena.
The must-read summary of Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom's book: "The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations". This complete summary of the ideas from Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom's book "The Starfish and the Spider" shows how most companies in the past were 'spiders', with rigid hierarchies and a well-defined corporate structure. But nowadays, new 'starfish' companies are emerging with leaderless structures and are achieving noteworthy success. In their book, the authors tell you all about how you can incorporate some starfish principles into your own business. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the key features of starfish companies • Achieve greater success To learn more, read “The Starfish and the Spider" and find out how you can implement the starfish principles to achieve success.
Sins of the Fetus Man is a novel based on the Authors vivid nightmares and schizophrenic tendencies. Its a collection of accounted atrocities and sins that the being he has titled The Fetus Man has committed and lived through, the man that haunts Lethe when his eyes are closed. Its also an accumulation of Sins that the author puts claim to have personally experienced, not committed; but seen, showing and dedicating his triumphant struggle not over but through depression and how he was able to use the pages as a listening friend, a trusted ally, and an un-judgmental companion. The Fetus Man, a man who wants nothing more than to be a man of Christ finds himself the exact opposite through the experiences he is pre-ordained to live through.

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