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Ben Hogan made hitting a golf ball look easy, and the results spoke for themselves. But Hogan’s “swing system” is as complex as a spider’s web; the variables and connections are never-ending. In Ben Hogan’s Tips for Weekend Golfers, Hunt presents a selection of simple but valuable tips, based on the legendary golfer’s secret to a competitive golf swing. The book is intended for the recreational golfer, not the tournament player who has unlimited time to practice. It distills Hogan’s observations concerning the vital components of a golf swing—one at a time—and presents them as simply as possible. Each tip is illustrated with a series of photographs, which clearly show the proper grip, stance, backswing, and follow-through. The author addresses these important golfing concepts: • What powers the takeaway? • When and how do the wrists hinge? • What is your first move down from the top of the backswing? • What is the action of the back knee? • When does the lead knee straighten? • How do you connect the arms to the torso? • How do you maximize power through proper timing in the contact zone? • What are the two benefits of “hovering” the putter and the driver? • How can fifteen minutes a day at your home significantly improve 55 percent of your game? In Ben Hogan’s Tips for Weekend Golfers, Ted Hunt makes the intricate Hogan system accessible and presents it in a way that “the Hawk” himself might have if he were instructing a club member out on the course.
Analyzes Ben Hogan's golf swing, with information on different types of shots, practice exercise, and the master golfer's life.
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Shaun Micheel: PGA Tour, PGA Champion: "I've enjoyed reading about tapping into the "Inner Golfer." That's how I always used to play the game. I need that person to come back out." Hogan's Ghost is a proven performance tool that's based and organized around the practice, playing and life experiences of Ben Hogan. The intent and mission of the program is to have, when optimized, a living, breathing, walking and talking image of Ben Hogan coach, teach, guide, encourage, support and motivate. It will change how you play, practice and train, and you will lower your scores. Here's a special offer. Once you have read the book, you may request two weeks of Distance Coaching at no cost. A $100.00 value, absolutely free. This program is suitable for all serious and competitive golfers, from junior right through college and into the professional ranks. I've seen high school junior varsity players, in the course of one season, lower their handicaps by as much as ten strokes and advance to the varsity where they played on a state championship team! I've had touring professionals turn around their careers, and weekend golfers cut their handicaps in half. This book details some of that success. I wrote this book in order to popularize the concept of "Distance" Coaching. My intent is to make Performance Coaching available to all serious golfers everywhere. You will never be alone! Modern technology makes it possible, and proven results makes it desirable.
Identifies six major golf personality types--fearful, frustrated, manic-depressive, self-conscious, control freak, and lazy--assesses the link between personality and performance, and advises how to overcome these obstacles. Original. 15,000 first printing.

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