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From the author of Toward the Sea of Freedom comes a novel of the triumphs, tragedies, and courage of two women bravely changing the tide of history... As the nineteenth century draws to a close, the struggle for women's suffrage has finally reached New Zealand. But when the tide of change rolls in, it threatens to engulf two young women from very different backgrounds, who are coming of age amid the tumult. Torn between the two worlds that make up her heritage, Matariki Drury is the daughter of a successful white businesswoman and a descendant of Maori royalty. Scarred by poverty and hoping to make a new life for herself in this strange and forbidding land, Violet Paisley is the middle child of a poor Welsh coal-mining family. Drawn together by their shared commitment to social change, and tested by traumas that neither of them could foresee, these two independent-minded women will find themselves thrust onto the front lines of the fight for equal rights and racial justice. To win their place in this world, they must learn to rise above their personal pain and choose a path of reconciliation rather than retribution.
Written by the leading authorities on the plant diversity and ecology of the Pacific islands, this book is a magisterial synthesis of the vegetation and landscapes of the islands of the Pacific Ocean. It is organized by island group, and includes information on geography, geology, phytogeographic relationships, and human influences on vegetation. Vegetation of the Tropical Pacific Islands features over 400 color photographs, plus dozens of maps and climate diagrams. The authors’ efforts in assembling the existing information into an integrated, comprehensive book will be welcomed by biogeographers, plant ecologists, conservation biologists, and all scientists with an interest in island biology.
This is a specialist book intended for libraries and specializing scientists. The expansion of angiosperms (flowering plants with enclosed seeds) and the decline of gymnosperms (plants with seeds processed by seed-vessels), is one of the most significant phytogeographic processes in the history of the earth. Despite this massive change in the earth's flora on the geological timescale, no fewer than 500 species of gymnosperms (excluding cycads) continue to survive. Major northern hemisphere taxa such as pinus, abies and picea are prominent in the landscape and have been the subjects of much scientific study.
An introduction to the history, modern and traditional cultural practices, and economy of the Maori people of New Zealand.
This illustrated 1890 survey explores the commercial use of plants cultivated both domestically and in Britain's colonies abroad.

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