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SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE Even small children know there are infinitely many whole numbers - start counting and you'll never reach the end. But there are also infinitely many decimal numbers between zero and one. Are these two types of infinity the same? Are they larger or smaller than each other? Can we even talk about 'larger' and 'smaller' when we talk about infinity? In Beyond Infinity, international maths sensation Eugenia Cheng reveals the inner workings of infinity. What happens when a new guest arrives at your infinite hotel - but you already have an infinite number of guests? How does infinity give Zeno's tortoise the edge in a paradoxical foot-race with Achilles? And can we really make an infinite number of cookies from a finite amount of cookie dough? Wielding an armoury of inventive, intuitive metaphor, Cheng draws beginners and enthusiasts alike into the heart of this mysterious, powerful concept to reveal fundamental truths about mathematics, all the way from the infinitely large down to the infinitely small.
When the world changed once and for all… In 2043, aliens arrived in huge numbers and attacked Earth. A war was waged and millions died but not in vain. The armies from all nations joined hands and finally succeeded in defeating the aliens after a fateful battle which came to be known as the Great War! The old nemesis returns… Thirty years later, the aliens enter the solar system to invade Earth again. There’s only one way to defeat them once and for all. A space organization named Space Patrol has a plan but who’ll embark on this life-threatening mission? Desperate situation calls for Desperate measures….. There’s only one person on the planet who can hope to pull this off. His name is Drake Stryver and he’s a retired pilot who’d fought in the Great War. Space Patrol recruits him to lead this mission. Will he be able to defeat the aliens again and protect Earth? Read on to find out…
Fans of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and The Mysterious Benedict Society will race through this exciting adventure and sequel to The Imagination Box about an orphan, his unusual friends, and the power of imagination. Timothy Hart is getting used to the good life with his new Imagination Box. Anything he can imagine, he can create! There’s only one rule: the Box must not leave Tim’s room at the hotel where he lives. But Tim has never been good at following rules—especially when there’s the opportunity to “imagine” his homework into being without actually having to do it. Tim is feeling pretty good. . . . Until he notices the strange people following him, and then chasing him, and then his beloved Imagination Box being ripped from his hands. He’ll need the help of a Top-Secret Scientific Institution—and of course, his friend Dee and his talking finger monkey, Phil—if he’s going to save the Imagination Box from corruption of the worst possible kind. Praise for The Imagination Box: “A splendid adventure, hilarious and harrowing in turn and so strongly cast that even the precocious pocket primate doesn't steal the show.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review "With a solid mystery, fantastic device, warm friendships, a funny monkey, and heartening conclusion, this has a heaping serving of middle-grade antics."-Booklist “The Imagination Box is children’s fiction in the classic mode, with double-crosses, deceitful adults and narrow escapes all meshing into a solid mystery plot…and a timeless be-careful-what-you-wish-for message.”—Financial Times (UK)
A billion years from now a human woman is created from data held within the Library of Life. Her birth could result in the destruction of the cosmos . . . A rogue element in an increasingly unstable, she draws the attention of a mysterious alien breed. Already masters of travel between parallel universes they believe this girl is the key to changing all reality. And if they track her down, the effects on the galaxy will be cataclysmic. Beyond Infinity is an epic far future thriller from an author who is both a master storyteller and a highly respected scientist.
Like a great, lethal snake, plague creeps through the galaxies. No conscious entity can halt its progress, and life is slowly draining from planet after planet. Only one super-intelligence is capable of preventing cataclysm. To do it, he must penetrate far beyond infinity - to the formless, deathless creature out to kill the universe.
This poetry book is a realm of dreams and thoughts unheard over the noise of modern time enemies like ego, anger, greed, ignorance, and lust for money and all the material things. This book is about the hard temptation of breaking chains from the dragged career and became free to dream beyond everything and strike like a humongous lightning bolt and burn down all this enemy to ashes of new begging. Poem of Dream- a visionary unshakable mind to defeat. When the failure comes in, the dope of the dreams kicks in. Poem of love - the conqueror of the unclaimed island called the heart, the cold fire which creates a beauty instead of burn. And there are many more poems which revolve around the words like winter, hope, infinite loop; redemption, time and death (live before leave). Origin of these poems is the childish question and imagination of childhood which is lacking in adults right now. All are just trapped in the mechanism of virtual success, but what about success for the soul. Here are some of my childish questions: 1.what is the colors of our dream? 2. What is at the end of the rainbow? 3. What will you say if I ask you what is the shape of the smile? 4. Do you ever think of how much distance there is between two heartbeats? I am answering these questions through my poems. And many more feelings and emotions are equally poured by thunderbolts of words. All these poems are just trying to capture my transcendence feeling into simple words.
It is about the devastation the loss of love and divorce can effect, and then the miracle of finding one's true love afterwards. It is an unfolding of the quest to spiritually force the universe to deliver that love as with magic. It is a reflection in song of the wonder of loving and being loved in return. And finally it is about lessons learned and things discovered during the journey of life and love.

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