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A second volume of Jane Goodall's autobiography in letters covers the years during which she made many of her most important discoveries on chimpanzee behavior, gave birth to her son, and became an environmental activist.
Examines the emerging Holocaust consciousness after World War II which saw Jewish suffering as mandating empowerment in Israel, and which also recognized some of the dangers inherent in empowerment. Analyzes the views of Jewish Holocaust theologians such as Elie Wiesel, Emil Fackenheim, and Irving Greenberg. Contends that their theology, depicting Jewish suffering and innocence and specialness, has become normative in Jewish conversation and activities, and this Holocaust theology is used as legitimation for oppressing the Palestinians. Describes, also, Palestinian and Christian viewpoints on Israel's actions. Calls for a confrontation with state power and its legitimating force (i.e. Zionism and Holocaust theology), based on the Jewish tradition of dissent, in order to recover the ethical tradition at the heart of Judaism.
Emma Holly turns up the heat in this sinfully sensuous story of a family plagued by scandal—and a shy young woman who discovers a passion beyond her wildest dreams… When her beloved father passes away, Florence Fairleigh finds herself alone in the world. All she wants is a man who will treat her kindly and support her financially—and she’s come to London to find him… Edward Burbrooke thinks marriage is the only way to save his brother Freddie—and their family—from scandalous ruin. As head of the family, Edward has vowed to find Freddie a bride—and fast… Thrown together by Edward, Florence and Freddie make a perfect pair—until Edward realizes he has feelings for his brother’s betrothed. The sight of her nubile young body makes his blood burn with lust. The sound of her voice makes his heart warm with love. And the sweet taste of her kiss makes him wonder if he isn’t making a terrible mistake….
For years, Jared has existed on the fringes of both Eden society and Dallas O'Kane's Sector Four gang. He travels between these worlds, protected by his money and power--money he earned selling his body, and power that comes from knowing secrets. He's untouchable—until he starts a new life gathering intelligence for the O'Kanes. Lili Fleming walked out of Sector Five with a gun, the bloodstained clothes on her back, and an icy determination to survive. She finds herself in a world where people live hard and love harder, and nothing's more terrifying than how much the O'Kanes wake her up, make her feel—especially Jared. Emotion is a risk he can't afford, and a complication she doesn't need. But neither can resist the lust simmering between them, and the sparks that could either melt the ice around both their hearts…or get them killed. Because the only thing more dangerous than loving an O'Kane is loving a spy.
Beyond Innocence In 1862, the Averitt House overlooked a quiet valley near a small town in Tennessee. The serenity was broken when a Union Army made camp in the valley, only to be surprised by Confederate forces early one Sunday morning. Cannon and rifle fire thundered across the valley in what came to be called the Battle of Hartsville. William Stone was left to care for the wounded. His experiences as a Confederate medical corpsman and as a Union prisoner would leave deep physical and emotional scars.
When a life is on the line, love has to wait. Doesn't it? After a devastating professional embarrassment, Cory Lance has been banished from the courtroom. As part of her penance, she volunteers with an organization that works to free the wrongly convicted, and soon she's saddled with a case certain to set her up for another big defeat. To top it off, she's battling a strong attraction to her client's sister, a woman with unreasonable expectations. Serena Washington has learned to compartmentalize the negative pieces of her past, except for one—her brother, Eric, who is on death row for a murder he insists he didn't commit. Loyalty drives her to enlist help from an organization with a reputation for unparalleled success, but Serena's optimism is shaken when she learns the attorney assigned to the case has a reputation for cutting corners. Her whole world is shaken when she begins to fall in love with her.
While searching for two murder suspects in the slums of Philadelphia, Detective Sergeant Peter Gruber's partner and another man disappear. When disturbing secrets about both men come to light, Pete wonders if either man was exactly what he appeared to be.

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