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After the untimely and tragic death of Emma Barker''s son, she begins to lead a destructive and reclusive lifestyle. The auction company that she jointly owns with her ex-husband discovers an extremely alluring necklace and box of letters dating back to the turn of the century. Emma is overtaken by the beauty of the prose in the letters and the rarity of the necklace and wants to believe that the items in the box were meant especially for her. Mystifying messages begin to infiltrate Emma''s subconscious, urging her to join Arie, the man responsible for writing these poetic, beautiful sonnets from yesteryear! Suddenly her life has purpose. Emma''s travels take her to the prairie, to rural Indiana, the location of the estate where the letters and necklace were found. Upon meeting an old woman suffering from dementia and her daughter, she learns of gruesome events that took place in this town around the time these letters were written. Everything eerily begins to fall into place after the introduction to the elderly woman''s 100- year-old-friend, who remembers the horrifying screams she experienced as a child coming from what the townspeople called the phantom of Bitterwood Commons. She also makes Emma aware of exotic, rare flowers appearing for approximately 2 years prior to a horrendous gazebo fire that claimed the life of Natalia Kappan, a beautiful, troubled woman who many claimed to be possessed. Natalia was known to circle the gazebo reciting a mysterious chant as she went: "The stones upon foundation stand for sun to prism onto land. And if you''re in the perfect place, you''ll be transported to another place." Now Emma''s mind and soul can think of nothing but being in this bygone era, solving the mysteries, and living the life of this woman who was wooed by these emotional love letters. This story is a trek through unexplained events from a century before us and will take you both mind and spirit to another dimension in time. It will make you hunger to find your true companion, distinguish what true friendship is, and seek everlasting peace and love as you become intermingled through the lives of Emma Barker and Natalia Kappan. In the midst of desperate and tragic events, hope and love prevail, and it is revealed through many of the character''s lives how everything finds its way to fruition through faith. Perfect for fans of Kate Morton, Kathryn Huges, and Nathan Van Coops, this gripping, soon to be best selling novel will keep you in suspense, and longing to uncover a mysterious, forbidden passion and love from another era in time. ---REVIEWS ARE IN--- FRESH IMAGINATIVE PLOT...This book had a fresh and imaginative plot which kept me engaged and entertained until the very end! It was a novel about the ability of several characters to travel through time and impact the outcome of the lives involved. The author did a great job of introducing her characters and I was easily able to follow along given the twists and turns the novel took. It was a delightful read and the author did an awesome job of pulling it all together for a complete and satisfying ending. I highly recommend it! Dandy1998 AMAZON REVIEW EXCELLENT READ...Ms. Mitchell succeeded in keeping my interest and attention all the way to the end. I enjoyed her skill at keeping the storyline intact even across the multigenerational timeline and character "reincarnations". Not a whodunit, but a whowasit...completely enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing what comes next, and in what centruy it shows up ;>) Keith Klipstein AMAZON REVIEW CAPTIVATING FROM START TO FINISH...Bitterwood Commons is captivating from start to finish. Traveling time with Emma Barker and Natalia Kappan was both mesmerizing and inspirational. Themes of tragedy, hope, and love will resonate with readers. Just when yhou think you have it all figured out, Mitchell''s creative storytelling takes you on another adventure! Whitney AMAZON REVIEW

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