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Using popular games as a metaphor for our temporal lives, this six-session DVD curriculum neatly sorts out what's fleeting and what's permanent in God's kingdom. Being Master of the Board is not the point; being rich toward God is. Winning the game of life on Earth is a temporary victory; loving God and other people with all our hearts is an eternal one.
As the proprietor of the legendary Sea Tramp Tattoo Company, in Portland, Oregon, Jeff Johnson has inked gangbangers, age-defying moms, and sociopaths; he’s defused brawls and tended delicate egos. In Tattoo Machine, Johnson illuminates a world where art, drama, and commerce come together in highly entertaining theater. A tattoo shop is no longer a den of outcasts and degenerates, but a place where committed and schooled artists who paint on living canvases develop close bonds and bitter rivalries, where tattoo legends and innovators are equally revered, and where the potential for disaster lurks in every corner.
A comprehensive bibliography of books and short fiction published in the English language.
Indexes story collections by editor, book title, author, and story title
A fine line between vengeance and desire...
Calling it 'a virtual cinemath'que on video', the Telluride Film Festival gave its coveted Silver Medallion award to Facets Video Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia lists more than 35,000 rare films on video, laser disc and DVD. Included are foreign, independent, classic American, silent, documentary, experimental, cult and children's films. Each is carefully described and lists director, country of origin, year and running time credits and is categorized and cross-referenced by director and country. All films are available for sale or rent from Facets Multimedia.
It's time to pick a side… When Aria and her friends discover Dorian's secret, they find themselves faced with a choice. Will they pledge themselves solely to the Privy Council—an organization sometimes hampered by its own moral obligation to see in only black and white—or is there room to operate within a shade of grey? Compromises are made, standards are adjusted. Bit by bit, the friends find themselves slipping to the point where it's almost impossible to see where they started. A storm is coming. There's only so long you can straddle two worlds before they eventually collide. Will the gang find their way back across the lines that divided them? Or will they find themselves lost on the other side? Kerrigan Kids Book 1 - School of Potential Book 2 - Myths & Magic Book 3 - Kith & Kin Book 4 - Playing With Power Book 5 - Line of Ancestry Book 6 - Descent of Hope Book 7 – Illusion of Shadows Book 8 – Frozen by the Future Book 9 – Guilt of My Past Book 10 – Demise of Magic Book 11- Rise of the Prophecy Book 12 – Deafened by the Past READ THE WHOLE SERIES: Prequel Series: Christmas Before the Magic Question the Darkness Into the Darkness Fight the Darkness Alone in the Darkness Lost in Darkness The Chronicles of Kerrigan Series Rae of Hope Dark Nebula House of Cards Royal Tea Under Fire End in Sight Hidden Darkness Twisted Together Mark of Fate Strength & Power Last One Standing Rae of Light The Chronicles of Kerrigan Sequel A Matter of Time Time Piece Second Chance Glitch in Time Our Time Precious Time The Chronicles of Kerrigan: Gabriel Living in the Past Present for Today Staring at the Future Kerrigan Chronicles Stopping Time A Passage of Time Ticking Clock Secrets in Time Time in the City Ultimate Future USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May brings you a continuation of the international bestselling series, The Chronicles of Kerrigan! Come back and enjoy the famous characters, or step into the series right here. You won't be disappointed! Search Terms (keywords): fantasy, young adult fantasy, paranormal new adult romance, Teen reads, action adventure romance, mystery, sequel, paranormal romance, new adult college romance, new adult, romance, superpowers, superhero fantasy ebooks, supernatural free kindle books, superhero, supernatural, young adult, coming of age, sagas, Chronicles of Kerrigan, dark fantasy, fantasy anthology, fantasy witches, prequel, hybrid, hybrid paranormal, hybrid fantasy, Meyers, Stephanie, w.j. may, tattoos, werewolf series, FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters FICTION / Fantasy / Contemp, young adult paranormal, juvenille, humorous, tattooist, dark paranormal, horror romance, fantasy new adult, horror, paranormal suspense, The Chronicles of Kerrigan, series, boarding school, paranormal, England, Tudor, New Adult & College Romance, new adult and coll, academy, magic
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