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For decades American submarines have roamed the depths in a dangerous battle for information and advantage in missions known only to a select few. Now, after six years of research, those missions are told in Blind Man's Bluff, a magnificent achievement in investigative reporting. It reads like a spy thriller -- except everything in it is true. This is an epic of adventure, ingenuity, courage, and disaster beneath the sea, a story filled with unforgettable characters who engineered daring missions to tap the enemy's underwater communications cables and to shadow Soviet submarines. It is a story of heroes and spies, of bravery and tragedy.
Discover the secret history of America's submarine warfare in this fast-paced and deeply researched chronicle of adventure and intrigue during the Cold War that reads like a spy thriller. Blind Man's Bluff is an exciting, epic story of adventure, ingenuity, courage, and disaster beneath the sea. This New York Times bestseller reveals previously unknown dramas, such as: The mission to send submarines wired with self-destruct charges into the heart of Soviet seas to tap crucial underwater telephone cables. How the Navy's own negligence may have been responsible for the loss of the USS Scorpion, a submarine that disappeared, all hands lost, in 1968. The bitter war between the CIA and the Navy and how it threatened to sabotage one of America's most important undersea missions. The audacious attempt to steal a Soviet submarine with the help of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, and how it was doomed from the start. A magnificent achievement in investigative reporting, Blind Man's Bluff reads like a spy thriller, but with one important difference-everything in it is true.
Captain MacKenzie Calhoun and the crew of the USS Excalibur deal with simultaneous threats from the D'myurj, bent on the destruction of humanity, and Morgan Primus, a sophisticated computer simulation taking up residence within their ship.
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Blind man's buff or blind man's bluff is a children's game, a variant of tag. The traditional name of the game is blind man's buff, wherein the word buff is used in its older sense of a small push. The game later also became known as blind man's bluff; it is possible that this name is a linguistic corruption, or it may originate from an older sense of bluff meaning to blindfold.
Fargo plays a deadly game. The Chiracahua Mountains are full of dangers—and the most terrifying is the Apache warrior Red Dog. So when Skye Fargo comes across him, it’s no surprise he’s in the middle of torturing a prospector. Fargo rescues the man, but earns the hatred of Red Dog in the process. And with a slew of greedy gold-hunters aiming to start a bloodbath, the Trailsman is going to have to grow eyes in the back of his head to survive…
A commonplace book of anecdotes and cartoons, Aidan Higgins’s Blind Man’s Bluff is a compendium of tart and comic insights into sight itself, as well as other varied indignities: personal, historical, and literary. Perversely, but perhaps appropriately, Aidan Higgins—one of the few contemporary writers worthy of comparison with Beckett and Joyce, now celebrating his 85th year-—has chosen to wait until his sight has nearly left him to assemble this collection of visual treats. A commonplace book of anecdotes and cartoons—the latter never before published, though familiar to all of Higgins’s correspondents from the margins of his letters and postcards—Blind Man’s Bluff is a compendium of tart and comic insights into sight itself, as well as other varied indignities: personal, historical, and literary.

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