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Blood Cells has been written with both the practising haematologist and the trainee in mind. It aims to provide a guide for use in the diagnostic haematology laboratory, covering methods of collection of blood specimens, blood film preparation and staining, the principles of manual and automated blood counts and the assessment of the morphological features of blood cells. The practising haematologist should find this book sufficiently comprehensive to be a reference source while, at the same time, the trainee haematologist and biomedical scientist should find it a straightforward and practical bench manual. Enables both the haematologist and laboratory scientist to identify blood cell features, from the most common to the more obscure Provides essential information on methods of collection, blood film preparation and staining, together with the principles of manual and automated blood counts Completely revised and updated, incorporating much newly published information: now includes advice on further tests when a specific diagnosis is suspected Four hundred high quality photographs to aid with blood cell identification Highlights the purpose and clinical relevance of haematology laboratory tests throughout
This essential guide can help readers identify blood type cells, which are difficult to categorize, and explains the morphologic characteristics of peripheral blood cells in detail. Some of the book's features include: color photographs that depict each stage of cell maturation in the exact sequence of development; comparative photographs of difficult-to-identify cells from different cell lines with adjacent diagrams and instructions in chart form; and an explanation of the entire differential procedure, with mathematical guidelines.

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