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Martin's Hill in South Central Pennsylvania is the most beautiful place on earth, according to Marvin Riggs. He fell in love with this mountain as a boy and that affair has lasted for more than three decades. But this year's hunting trip will be like no other. Strange things are happening out here; like folks just out walking around, deer being left to rot, and another hunter hell-bent on staking claim to what does not belong to them. Marvin finds himself having to choose between honor and being sensible. He's always been able to avoid trouble; always taking the path of least resistance. But this time it's different. This one's for his dad.
"A terrific tale of supernatural sleuthing . . . provides edge-of-the-seat thrills and a high-octane emotional punch." --Romantic Times Book Reviews "Once again Jeanne C. Stein delivers a jam-packed story full of mystery and intrigue that will keep you glued to the edge of the seat! Just like with the first book in the Anna Strong series, The Becoming, I could not put this book down even for a second. You will find yourself cheering Anna on as she goes after the bad guys. Jeanne C. Stein has given us a tough-as-nails heroine everyone will love!" --Night Owl Romance My name is Anna Strong. I'm a woman caught between two worlds--my past as a bounty hunter, my present as a vampire. I do my best to hold on to what makes me human--my family, my job, my lover. But the pull of the undead is a siren song that's becoming impossible to resist . . . Anna's fragile grip on a normal life evaporates when she discovers that her long-dead brother had a child she never knew anything about. Now a young teen, that child--Trish--is caught up in the worst kind of human nightmare. In order to save her niece, Anna fears she might have to surrender to the animal side of her nature. As she stalks Trish's predators, the lines between good and evil are no longer clearly defined. And before long, Anna has to ask herself who is the real monster, the humans who prey on their own kind or herself, the blood-thirsty vampire doing anything she has to in order to save them.
The laugh out loud adventure of three men from rural Ford County who travel to Memphis to donate blood to an injured friend. The journey, however, takes longer than expected thanks to their inability to continue driving past any liquor store en route. Not to mention the fact that the men have no idea which hospital their friend is in. After a variety of shootings, and a strip club brawl, it seems as though these men will not just be visiting their friend in the hospital. Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was previously published in the collection Ford County.
We've all read tales of vampires. Everyone knows the mythos behind them, and thousands of stories have been told. Don't assume this is another mystical fantasy involving hunky vampires and the girls who inexplicably fall in love with them. These vampires don't sparkle. This is a tale of blood, but it's not what you'd think. Yes, there are vampires who kill in the night and drink human blood in order to sate the never-ending thirst that comes with their immortal curse. Then again, there are those who drink blood for the bouquet, aroma, and taste.Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan is a humorous, pun-filled buddy action/comedy starring a pair of vampires, an ornery werewolf, an openly-homosexual vampire-hunting priest, and two Jersey mobsters. It sounds like a lot to sink your teeth into, but the ride is totally worth it.Christian and Evan are a pair of vampires on a mission. Following a heist of a van of donated blood, the vampiric duo head from Connecticut to Los Angeles to deliver the blood to their elders' annual gala event. You see, a mature, sophisticated palate can tell the subtle differences in blood. For example: Blood taken from New England during the autumn months has a certain something to it you can't find elsewhere.The mission is simple enough. The blood must be delivered to Los Angeles from Connecticut before the start of the Elder Council's gala event. Like the nature of such things, though, the mission becomes a tangled mess of detours, violence, and misunderstandings. With a diverse ensemble of travelers, there's never a dull moment during the cross-country drive.Christian is staunch and quiet, saving his words for when they're necessary. He takes his mission seriously and does not plan to disappoint his master. He's given a partner for this mission by request of the High Council: The young (by vampire standards) jokester, Evan. The two clash in personality, and the only thing they have in common is their shared mission and want to not disappoint their respective masters.Joining the vampiric duo is Bart Peters, a simple country man with a complicated secret. When the moon is in the sky, he transforms into a beast of rage; a werewolf. Bart accepts a job to make sure Christian and Evan complete their delivery to Los Angeles. His paycheck depends on their success, and he doesn't plan on letting anything or anyone stand between him and his money.Dogging their tracks is Father Matthew McAllen, an openly homosexual priest and agent of the Vatican (yes... that Vatican). Father Matthew is tasked with the recovery of the stolen blood and the elimination of those who took it. Armed to the teeth with guns, silver knuckles, and wooden stakes, the holy man tracks the vampires as they make their way across the country, intent on completing his mission.Hot on Father Matthew's trail is a pair of New Jersey mobsters, Nunzio and Sal Russo. All they want to do is help the priest as he had done for them years before when he took out a mugger who had them cornered. But they have no idea what they've gotten themselves into with their self-imposed mission to save their priest.Blood Drive shows that vampires don't have to be sparkly or lovey-dovey anymore. The book is humorous by nature, but there is also a dark world of death and despair. Souls can be lost over time as the years wear away at your morals, turning one into the monster people would think they are. Werewolves aren't pets, and Bart Peters is anything but fluffy. Even Father Mathew, the Vatican-dispatched badass priest, has a dark side, noble as he is in his conquest.The coast-to-coast drive is full of the kind of action and violence you'd expect from the uncanny ensemble of characters. You'll be treated to chases, gunfights, fist fights, bloodlust, interrogations, kidnappings, and more. Blood Drive never skimps on the action, drama, or comedy. You'll want to take another drive as long, as everyone can coexist without killing one another.
Humans have always played the game of predator and prey, but they've been mostly wrong about their part in it, unknowing of those who hunt them in the night, feeding on their blood. They are hidden in plain sight, dismissed as fictitious, their ever-present thirst waiting to be quenched. But there are some vampires who drink blood simply for the bouquet and taste. An entire van of blood is stolen at gunpoint from a corporate blood drive in Connecticut, and the culprits are two vampires: the staunch Christian and carefree Evan. The two have orders from their masters to drive the blood cross-country, delivering it to Los Angeles for their High Council's annual gala. Joining them on their trip is Bart Peters, a simple man with a secret: when the moon is out, he transforms into a werewolf, an uncontrollable beast of rage. Bart's job is to make sure the shipment of blood gets to Los Angeles; his paycheck depends on it, and nothing is going to easily get between him and his moneyDogging their tracks is Father Matthew, a priest and agent of the Vatican. Father Matthew is tasked with the recovery of the stolen blood and the elimination of those who took it. Armed to the teeth with guns, silver knuckles, and wooden stakes, the holy man tracks the vampires across the country, intent on completing his mission.Can Christian and Evan make the drive from Connecticut to Los Angeles, completing their task of getting the blood to their elders without killing each other first? Will Bart become more of a hassle than he's worth? What role will Father Matthew play as he tracks the vampires on their westward journey across America?Blood Drive is an action-comedy with a bloody twist, a fierce yet touching supernatural romp, traveling across the country with the unlikely foursome of the vampiric duo of Christian and Evan, their werewolf companion, and the Vatican-dispatched badass. Hop in and take the ride through one of the most wickedly satisfying adventures you'll ever love to join. This novel has the most unexpected side trips ever to be taken on a cross-country journey, wrought with danger, enemies, obstacles, and lots of necks to bite. Blood Drive is Budgie Bigelow's ninth book, bringing to life a version of America where vampires hide in the night, werewolves hunt under the light of the moon, and priests protect their flock from the dangers of the darkness with gun and stake. You'll be guessing to the last page, where you'll be loathing and fearing telling the dark and hunkering cast a melancholy goodbye.

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